Samoa Joe Is Happy For CM Punk
Samoa Joe Talks About CM Punk’s Return(Photo Credit: Instagram/wikimedia)

CM Punk made his AEW debut in August. Undoubtedly, it saw one of the biggest pops in the history of pro-wrestling history. Before his debut, Punk always maintained of staying away from the ring, but Samoa Joe denies believing it. The destroyer says that Punk always had pro-wrestling in his mind.

Joe, who has been temporarily advised to stay out of the ring, says that he knew that Punk is going to return the day he joined WWE Backstage. Of course, fans were happy to see him but time and again, Punk made it clear that he has no intentions to fight.



As per Samoa Joe, CM Punk had this plan of return in mind right from the moment he joined WWE Backstage. It’s just he was waiting for the right place. As we all know, Punk always had issues with Vince McMahon, so it was pretty clear that as long as McMahon is holding the guns in WWE, there was no chance he’s returning.

Thankfully for his fans, CM Punk saw a promotion like AEW blooming in front of him. He saw it to be the right place and of course, he did secure a big deal from Tony Khan. As a result, he made his debut at AEW Rampage: The First Dance.

Talking on The Kurt Angle Show, Samoa said, “If I know one thing about Punk, [it’s that] if he’s out on something, he’s out on it. You won’t see him being around it, you won’t see him looking at it, you won’t see him staring at it, it’s out of his life and the minute I saw him on the FOX set, I knew his eyes were turning back towards it.

I think he was just looking for the right place at the right time and he wanted to be happy with it and I think he is. From what I’ve seen, I would gather that he is, so I’m stoked for him and I’m happy to see him back.”

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