Rupali Ganguly On Playing Contrasting Characters In Anupamaa & Sarabhai vs Sarabhai
Rupali Ganguly’s Characters Anupamaa & Monisha From Sarabhai vs Sarabhai Are As Different As Chalk & Cheese

Rupali Ganguly is currently garnering praise for her titular role in Anupamaa, in which she plays a loving and a dedicated homemaker. The show has been ruling the TRP charts, and we are sure the talented actress is enjoying all the attention that’s coming her way.

With her performance in Anupamaa it is also reiterated that Ganguly is a versatile actress. She is popularly known for playing Monisha in Sarabhai vs Sarabhai, and we can’t ignore the dichotomy in her two characters. While Monisha would never keep her house clean and had least interest in cooking, Anupamaa is a brilliant homemaker and looks after all the needs of her family. While Monisha was outspoken and carefree, Anupamaa is coy and more responsible.



Rupali admits that many of her fans too have pointed out this contrast to her. “In fact, initially I was a little skeptical too as people still remember Monisha pretty well, and the common thread between the two characters is that they are both middle class. While Monisha is actually me, Anupamaa is somebody that my mother is or my masi is or some other woman that I know. Playing Monisha was more like a cakewalk for me, but Anupamaa is a performance-oriented role and I have to work really hard for this one,” informs the actress.

According to Rupali, the good part is that people haven’t forgotten Monisha, and at the same time Anupamaa too has created an impact on them. “So when they see Monisha they don’t remember Rupali, and that’s the same reaction when they watch Anupamaa. Now what more could an actor ask for?” questions Rupali.

She further adds, “I have got so many messages from fans saying that they were watching Sarabhai vs Sarabhai, and couldn’t believe that Anupamaa is Monisha. I take that as the biggest compliment,” the actress smiles.

Ask her if it’s difficult to play Anupamaa and she says, “Not really, because you have grown up seeing women like this. She is somebody that you know. Every one of us has seen one Anupamaa in our lives. But I work hard on every line, because Monisha masti mazak mein nikal jata tha. But with this I really work hard. Probably I wasn’t focused then as I was young, but now I am extremely focused,” Rupali Ganguly signs off.

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