Riverdale’s ‘Betty’ Lili Reinhart & ‘Veronica’ Camila Mendes Compare The Show To Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy: “You’ve Got A F*cking Talking Raccoon Fighting Aliens In Space”
Riverdale’s ‘Betty’ Lili Reinhart & ‘Veronica’ Camila Mendes Compare The Archie Comic Show’s ‘Absurdity’ To The Marvel: “We’re A Comic Book, It’s Supposed To Be Weird” ( Photo Credit – IMDb ; Wikipedia )

The CW’s adapted of Archie Comics, titled Riverdale, is nearing its end with just two episodes of season seven still to air. Starring KJ Apa as Archie Andrews, Lili Reinhart as Betty Cooper, Camila Mendes as Veronica Lodge, Cole Sprouse as Jughead Jones and more, the show has been know for taking some wild turns and having some truly insane moments.

While fans loved the weirdness and absurdness of the show, not everyone felt the same way and has been vocal about it. The show and its cast have seen everything from jokes to memes and even listicles talking about its weirdness. Now, in a new interview, the show’s leading ladies – Lili and Camila, have addressed this issue- going as far as comparing its twists and uniqueness to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Why? Cause both draw inspiration from comics!

During a recent interaction with Vulture (via ComicBook), Lili Reinhart got candid about Riverdale being made of. The actress who plays Betty in the show said, “I think it’s important to acknowledge that our show is made fun of a lot. People see clips taken out of context. By 2019, Riverdale Cringe videos had become a genre online, be they TikTok reactions to particularly funny lines of dialogue or YouTube compilations of strange moments from the show.”

Talking about the absurd things in the show, the Riverdale actress continued, “And (they) are like, ‘What? I thought this was about teenagers.’ And we thought so as well—in season one. But it’s really not been easy to feel that you’re the butt of a joke. We all want to be actors; we’re passionate about what we do. So, when the absurdity of our show became a talking point, it was difficult. It is ‘What the f*ck?’ That’s the whole point. When we’re doing our table reads and something ridiculous happens, Roberto is laughing because he understands the absurdity and the campiness.”

Comparing Riverdale to superheroes movies – specifically to Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, the actress who plays Veronica reminded people that, like the big-budget films, the CW show is also based comic – the Archie Comics, and hence things would naturally be a little weird. Camila Mendes commented on it, “Superhero movies are the main thing at the box office these days, and those are the most absurd stories you could imagine! You’ve got a f*cking talking raccoon fighting aliens in space! No one’s like, ‘This makes no sense.’ We’re a comic book; it’s supposed to be fun and fictional and weird. If you want to watch a teen show where there’s just a bunch of kids in a high school dealing with relationship drama, there’s a lot out there.”

Do you think the Riverdale ladies’ justification is acceptable? Let us know in the comments below.

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