Rakhi Sawant Reveals Getting Death Threats From Adil Khan Durrani, Forcing Him To Convert To Islam, Read On!
Rakhi Sawant Reveals Getting Death Threats From Adil Khan Durrani, Forcing Her To Convert To Islam ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Rakhi Sawant’s life is currently going through turmoil as she lost her mother recently from prolonged illness and now her marriage with Adil Khan Durrani has hit a rough patch. The actress has been making shocking revelations about her marriage with her husband after her mother passed away including domestic violence and having an extra-marital affair. Adil is currently under police’s arrest after Rakhi filed an FIR against him and in a recent interview, the actress disclosed her husband’s first marriage and much more. Scroll below to read the scoop.

While some sympathize with Rakhi, others troll her on social media for being a bold personality who never shies away from expressing her views on anything and everything. In a recent interview, the actress revealed that Adil forced her first wife to convert to Islam as she happened to be a Hindu.

In a conversation with ETimes, Rakhi Sawant revealed that her husband Adil Khan Durrani would beat her up and said, “I still love him and will always love him. But he has betrayed me, deceived me. He used to beat me saying, “Mujhe hero banao”. He’d tell me to tell everyone that he is a big businessman and that he has given me a house to stay etc. And if I don’t do that, he said that he won’t marry me and won’t behave well with me. He also told me that he’ll sleep with other women and make videos of it and send to me and that I’ll die of a heart attack because of jealousy. On top of that he said, ‘Mere against gayi toh pachaas hazaar dekar truck se kuchalwa dunga.’ (If you go against me then I’ll pay someone 50000 and get you run over by a truck).”

Rakhi Sawant continued and said, “My life has been destroyed. Main ab zinda laash ho gayi hoon. My mother passed away. My marriage is over. I’m living dead. I will continue to do work. The biggest shock that I’ve got is that Adil’s wife called me and told me, ‘I was a Hindu girl. But he forced me to convert to Islam to marry me’.”

We hope everything gets better soon!

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