Pearl V. Puri Reveals How He Used To Stand OPearl V. Puri Reveals How He Used To Stand Outside Coaching Class To Nab Eve Teasersutside Coaching Class To Nab Eve Teasers
Pearl V. Puri Reveals How He Used To Stand Outside Coaching Class To Nab Eve Teasers (PC: Instagram)

Television actor Pearl V. Puri revealed an interesting side of his persona on Monday, on the occasion of International Women’s Day. The actor claimed he used to stand outside his coaching class for hours with friends just to nab eve-teasers red-handed!


“As a kid, my friends and I used to stand outside our coaching classes to see if any guy is teasing a girl. We used to stand there for three to four hours, just to make sure if any guy teases a girl, we teach him a lesson,” said Pearl.


Pearl V. Puri goes on to say that the mindset of people won’t change unless the law allows harsher punishments for crimes against women, including the death penalty and life imprisonment.

“The law of our country is undoubtedly doing a great duty, yet I feel it needs further strict rules to change the mentality of a man. Crimes such as rape or molestation deserve the death penalty and so does harassment. Dowry, too, deserves imprisonment for life. Only then will the demons learn their lessons and think 100 times before harming a woman,” informed Pearl V. Puri.

Pearl appears in the second season of Ekta Kapoor’s supernatural drama show “Brahmarakshas”.

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