From laughter, pranks to lunchtime banter: Tanvi, Ankur, Anchal share 'unbreakable' bond
Parineetii Cast Members Tanvi Dogra, Anchal Sahu & Ankur Verma Say They Have An Unbreakable Bond (Photo Credit: IANS)

As the world gears up to celebrate the beauty of friendships on this ‘Friendship Day’, there’s a heartwarming tale of camaraderie that transcends the screens and touches the hearts of millions.

The terrific trio of ‘Parineetii’ – Tanvi Dogra, Anchal Sahu, and Ankur Verma – have breathed life into the show’s compelling characters and forged an unbreakable bond offscreen.

‘Parineetii’ follows the story of two friends, Neetii (Tanvi Dogra) and Parineet (Anchal Sahu), whose lives intertwine after they marry the same man, Rajeev aka Sanju (Ankur Verma).

Having ruled the television screen for a year and a half, the trio shares a family-like vibe, and their camaraderie translates impeccably into the narrative of the show.

On the eve of this Friendship Day, the cast members come together for joyous celebrations, cherishing their extraordinary bond with heartfelt messages, reminding us all of the power and beauty of true friendships.

Tanvi shares: “It is widely believed that conflicts arise between actresses on a show, but that’s not the case with me and Anchal. Behind the scenes of the show, Anchal and I share a rare camaraderie, and we have a lot in common. Both of us are very family-oriented.”

“Another beautiful thing that bonds us together is that we are not party people; we find joy in laughter and spend quality time together. And with Ankur completing our trio, the fun multiplies! His ingenious approach to acting and spontaneous improvisation adds a fun touch to our shoot journey. Throughout these years, we’ve discovered a bond that goes beyond the script – a bond that makes ‘Parineetii’ truly special for me,” added Tanvi.

Anchal said: “As we set foot on the wonderful journey of ‘Parineetii’, little did we know that we were destined to become a family. Tanvi, Ankur, and I have shared an extraordinary bond, one that goes beyond mere professionalism. Our bond is unbreakable. Over the last year and a half, we’ve been inseparable, standing together through thick and thin.”

“Laughter, pranks, and lunchtime banter have become our daily rituals, and it’s these moments that have woven the fabric of our friendship. I’m grateful for every step of this beautiful adventure with my incredible co-stars,” she added.

Ankur said: “Being a part of ‘Parineetii’ has been a journey of a lifetime, brimming with unforgettable moments and cherished friendships. Tanvi and Anchal have become more than just co-stars, they are my pillars of support, and our bond is truly special. Together, we’ve laughed, learned, and created magic on screen. Their camaraderie and passion for their craft have inspired me endlessly.”

“With each improvised scene and shared laughter, our connection grows stronger. ‘Parineetii’ brought us together, and through this beautiful journey, we’ve transformed into a close-knit family. I am immensely grateful for the love, laughter, and unforgettable memories we’ve shared, both on and off the screen,” he added.

‘Parineetii’ airs on Colors.

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