Mirzapur Season 3 Dictionary: Bilbilaana, Libir Libir & 10 UP Slangs You Need To Know
Ali Fazal & Pankaj Tripathi In Stills From Mirzapur Season 3 ( Photo Credit – YouTube )

Mirzapur Season 3 is streaming on Amazon Prime Video and the gangsters from UP will take over your world as soon as you start watching it. From there it will be a journey of 8 hours with a lot of men from UP and Bihar conversing in a language which you might find a little difficult to catch.

Pankaj Tripathi’s Kaleen Bhaiya, Ali Fazal‘s Guddu Bhaiya, Anjumm Shharma’s Sarad (UP locals and the word group ‘Sh’ do not go hand in hand). In the previous seasons, Munna Bhaiya taught you about Ijjjat and some other words.

But, now as Mirzapur proceeds with another season, we thought to enlighten you with the basic words from UP so that you do not feel lost while you indulge in Mirzapur season 3.

So here’s your guide to 10 very important words to learn before you start roaming in Guddu Bhaiya and Kaleen Bhaiya’s world.

Libir Libir
It is a verb used for a person who is all over the place and trying to ace a task without even knowing how to do it.

Superlative degree of someone having an impact over a group of men.

It is just a UP thing to emphasize on all the Zs and Js! That’s about it! The word originally is Gazab, but here, people love to replace it with Gajjjab!

While in common language, it might mean someone who bluffs, in UP, a rangbaaj is a Baahubali, and Rangbaaji is creating an environment of threat for everyone around to keep them under their toes.

Any significant event that does not find a place in the books of ethics and morals is a Kaand in UP. Right from stealing someone’s pen in the classroom to killing someone – everything simply lies under the umbrella of a Kaand!

Bail Buddhi
It means a dumb person. However, it is not related to a Bull’s brain or IQ, it is just significant to a Bull being an oversized creature. So basically Bail Buddhi is related to Moti Buddhi – the one who is lazy to use their mind.

Dhar Denge – Jad Denge
Dharna, Jadna, Lagaana, are all a part of the same family where one simply means that you are about to get slapped!

An over-enthusiast who is always excited to over-do things is told to not do so. And the term is bilbilaana – simply the over-excitement!

Now, the entire world uses it, but remember, UP used it first! Initially, the word was coined as a replacement for male assets, but over time, it became the most used slang that simply means Nonsense!

Vishuddh Ch*tiya
UP has a very strange habit of showing off its superb Hindi vocabulary skills, even if it needs to be associated with a cuss word. But UP Waale loves it, and so does everyone else!

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