Mirzapur Season 3: Here Are 7 Possible Theories That Might Just Come True
Mirzapur Season 3: 7 Possible Theories Listed!(Pic credit – Amazon Prime Video )

After Sacred Games, Mirzapur has become one of the popular Indian Web series among the masses. The season 2 of the hit series was released a couple of months ago and fans binge-watched the Amazon Prime Video’s original series. Needless to say, they loved the crime-drama and are eagerly awaiting Mirzapur 3.

And the streaming service has ordered the season 3 of the hit series. With that being said, viewers are eager to know what happens next. Even though season 2 didn’t end on a cliffhanger like the first one, the finale episode was nothing less than chaotic. It changed the power dynamic of the show. The last season also introduced to us many characters that could just take us by storm in season 3.



Keeping that in mind, here’s what we think could happen in Mirzapur Season 3.

Will Sharad Shukla become the King of Mirzapur?

The finale episode of season 2 showed us that Sharad Shukla saves an injured Kaleen Bhaiya and flees the crime scene. This raises the question as to why he didn’t just kill him and get his revenge. Possibly, he wants to make sure he gets Mirzapur since he needs to take down Guddu and Golu. Without Kaleen Bhaiya, he has little chance of taking Mirzapur.

Was Shatrughan Tyagi killed by his twin brother Bharat Tyagi?

When the Tyagi twins shot each other during the chaotic finale episode of the season 2, it appears like Bharat Tyagi has killed Shatrughan Tyagi and taken over the seat at the table. He was also seen impersonating his older brother earlier, hence it won’t be that shocking to him take on the role. Furthermore, it seems he will go against his father just like Guddu and Golu have. Since he has become cold-hearted and killed his brother, he won’t wait far too long to kill his father as well, we guess.

Will Robin hold the key to Mirzapur?

The second season of the hit crime thriller showed Robin as an intelligent character. His origins have not been revealed yet. Even though he is one hell of a player, he has been shown as naive earlier. Mirzapur 3 we bet will showcase his true colours and we think that he will be playing mind games. What do you think?

Will Guddu die in the Season 3?

Guddu, who is an aspiring bodybuilder, has barely made it out alive in the first two seasons. If it weren’t for Golu’s masterful planning, Guddu could have died once again. Now Guddu has turned cold. From the looks of it, Golu won’t think twice to abandon Guddu and avenge the Tripathis.

Will Kaleen Bhaiya join hands with Sharad Shukla?

Akhandanand Tripathi, aka Kaleen Bhaiya, seems to be too smart to fall for Shukla’s evil plans. He built an entire empire and falls only because of his idiotic son, Munna. He will bounce back no doubt and we bet, he could become more dangerous than ever before.

Will Beena Tripathi betray Guddu and Golu?

Beena Tripathi has eradicated her stepson Munna and rapist father-in-law in season 2. She seems to have no ill will towards her husband. She only wants to save her son and make him the king of Mirzapur. It only seems fair now that she will betray Guddu and Golu too and re-connect with her husband.

Will Madhuri Yadav become an ally with team Guddu or team Kaleen Bhaiya?

Madhuri Yadav, who become a widow for the second time, has become the CM now. She could take sides with either of the team who will help keep her in power. While she did love Munna, she could be taking vengeance regardless of the consequences. So hold on your seats.

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