Mirzapur 2: Shweta Tripathi, Divyendu Sharmaa & Anjum Sharma Ask For 'Two Seconds Of Silence' For Netizens Demanding Ban - EXCLUSIVE!
Mirzapur 2: Shweta Tripathi, Divyendu Sharmaa & Anjum Sharma Ask For ‘Two Seconds Of Silence’ For Netizens Demanding Ban – EXCLUSIVE!

The Mirzapur 2 has become the most trending topic of discussion ever since the show released. But it isn’t that it has only grabbed the positive eyeballs. Last week we saw Mirzapur MP Anupriya Patel demanding a ban on the show. Now reacting on the same is Shweta Tripathi, Divyendu Sharmaa and Anjum Sharma in an exclusive conversation spoke about the same. Read on to know more.

For the unversed, Anupriya Patel demanded a ban on the show calling it out for spreading ethnic disharmony. She also added that the show is putting real Mirzapur in a bad light.

When the Mirzapur 2 cast joined Koimoi for an exclusive conversation, they reacted to the same. Divyendu Sharmaa, who plays Munna Bhaiya, said, “I think lets give them their 2 seconds of glory and move on. I mean I feel for them, I mean lets have two seconds of silence for them. (Waits for 2 seconds) two seconds over.”

Anjum Sharma who plays Sharad in Mirzapur 2 added, “So we have collectively mourned for 2 seconds. It is a story, and people are going to relate to it. But then people should also have an objective approach.”

Shweta Tripathi, who plays Golu in Mirzapur 2, spoke how people should take this as a show made for Entertainment and nothing else. She said, “There is a thing that people should understand; Mirzapur is a fictional show. This can happen anywhere in the world. People should not take this so seriously. It is entertainment and people should enjoy it. Humne bohot mehnat, khoon paseena asu diye hai is show ko.”

At this point Mirzapur 2’s Divyendu added, “Actually we specified this in season 1 too, it is only because the name Mirzapur sounds very dramatic and cinematic due to which the name is that. We have never claimed that the people kc real Mirzapur are like this. There are other cities mentioned too, that does not mean that they are bad. Take it as a compliment. It’s a human thing, it’s a very generic thing, it can happen anywhere. I have met a lot of people who are from Mirzapur, they were all cordial to me. I remember meeting a lady once in an elevator, and she just said that she is from Mirzapur. It was so nice. If you guys feel anything bad, sorry guys.”

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