Mirzapur 2 FIRST Review (Early): Pankaj Tripathi, Divyendu & Ali Fazal Starrer Delivers The BHAUKAAL As Promised!
Mirzapur 2 FIRST Review (Early): Pankaj Tripathi, Divyendu & Ali Fazal Starrer Delivers The BHAUKAAL As Promised!

Mirzapur 2 Review: Before we get into this, there’s a statutory warning for y’all-

People with a weak heart, don’t watch it immediately because the initial two episodes only will rip your heart apart with the violence and it’s nothing compared to what you’ve seen in Season 1 of Mirzapur.

Unfortunately, I got to see only two episodes of the series yet and going to write this initial review based on that. By the time you guys will read this, the whole season will be up, so enjoy!

Mirzapur 2 is one of the most anticipated series of this year and we will talk right from where we left last time. After all the ruckus that Munna Bhaiya (Divyendu Sharma) created in the last episode of Season 1 and killed Bablu Bhaiya (Vikrant Massey) and Sweety Bhabhi (Shriya Pilgaonkar), we all saw Guddu Bhaiya (Ali Fazal), Golu (Shweta Tripathi Sharma) and Dimpy (Harshita Shekhar Gaur) escaping alive from the venue.

The first episode will give you a gist of what happened in the last episode of Season 1 and help you join the missing puzzle pieces on your own. It starts with a flashback of what happened in the past and all of sudden we see, Munna Bhaiya struggling for his life. But guess what, ‘Amar hai saala wo’. In the same frame, you’ll see Guddu Bhaiya too but you would barely guess, what is he doing there.

The very next frame would take you back to the place where it all started, Akhandanand Tripathi aka Kaleen Bhaiya (Pankaj Tripathi)’s ‘Tripathi Kunj’ where he is sitting with full poise and waiting for his son to wake-up.


You’ll see only the plot connecting the dots in the first episode but heart-wrenching bloodshed by the end and I’m saying that not because of the men in the show but because of the women of Mirzapur. I’m taking my own time to process what I saw and definitely need a little time to gulp it down!

Now, if y’all think that everyone wants Mirzapur, you’re wrong. The two episodes will make you understand how everyone wants Munna Bhaiya. Kaleen Bhaiya is trying to save him from everybody out there and make him the ‘Baahubali’ because, ‘Kuch log Baahubali paida hote hai, kuch ko banana padta hai…or inko banayenge woh’.

Mirzapur 2’s dialogues are spectacular as season 1, and they are going to get viral as soon as the show goes live. All the actors have done a brilliant job while improvising it and adding their own humour to it.

The background score is crazy and it has only gotten better than the last season. Especially the title BGM will give you goosebumps every single time.

Let’s talk about the performances now:

Kaleen Bhaiya: There are few actors who can do it without talking. Pankaj Tripathi happens to be one. His one-liners and expressions will remind you that he’s what he’s because of sheer talent and brilliance.

Munna Bhaiya: You’ll barely see any difference in him, ‘Ye jahan chore the, wahin hai’. Believe me or not, this one does rule the initial episodes.

Guddu Bhaiya: ‘Ye woh ghayal sher hai, jiski saansein uski daahad se bhi khatarnaak hai’.

Golu: This chhota packet, bada dhamaka turns out to be a surprise and can’t wait to see what Shweta has in box for all her fans this season.

Dimpy: Well, as mentioned, I’m more excited to see the women handling ‘Tamanchas’ than the men here in Mirzapur this season.

Sharad Shukla: Honestly, his character is better than what we expected. If there’s one person who uses brains and not guns like Kaleen Bhaiya, it is him.

Bauji: Special mention because I CAN’T PROCESS WHAT I JUST SAW.

Mirzapur (Initial) Last Words:

It would be too early to comment anything more right now but I’m as excited as you are to watch the rest of the show and give you a final verdict on the same. But till now, there have been moments where I got goosebumps for more than 20 seconds straight which is a big deal, right?

From the writers to the directors, everything is perfect in the initial episodes and special mention to the creative directors of the show for having an eye on the detailing.

Also, as promised the entire team of Mirzapur has delivered the BHAUKAAL, they promised. And do keep some tissues handy, because you’re going to miss Bablu Bhaiya and Sweety Bhabhi this season.

Stick around for the full review of Mirzapur 2 coming soon.

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