Mirzapur 1 Recap: From Munna's Wedding Ruckus To Killing Bablu & Sweety, Everything You Need To Revise!
Mirzapur 1 Recap: From Munna’s Wedding Ruckus To Killing Bablu & Sweety, Everything You Need To Revise!

After a long wait, Mirzapur season 2 is all set to release. Fans have reached a point where they can’t wait for it anymore. So isn’t it a perfect time to remember everything which happened in season 1? We are here to do the task of reminding you of all the major highlights of Mirzapur season 1 because we want you to enjoy the latest season as much as possible.

Let’s start with the characters of Mirzapur first.

1) Kaleen Tripathi (Pankaj Tripathi)

2) Munna Tripathi (Divyendu Sharma)

3) Guddu Pandit (Ali Fazal)

4) Bablu Pandit (Vikrant Massey)

5) Sweety Gupta (Shriya Pilgaonkar)

6) Golu Gupta (Shweta Tripathi)

7) Beena Tripathi (Rasika Dugal)

8) Satyanand Tripathi (Kulbhushan Kharbanda)

9) Ramakant Pandit (Rajesh Tailang)

10) Rati Shankar Shukla (Shubrajyoti Bharat)

11) Superintendent of Police Parshuram Gupta (Shahnawaz Pradhan)

12) Senior Superintendent of Police Ram Sharan Maurya (Amit Sial)

13) Maqbool Khan (Shaji Chaudhary)

14) Vasudha Pandit (Sheeba Chaddha)

15) Dimpy Pandit (Harshita Gaur)

16) Compounder (Abhishek Banerjee)

17) J.P. Yadav (Pramod Pathak)

18) Lala (Anil George)

The story starts with Kaleen Tripathi aka Kaleen Bhaiya who runs the illegal business of arms and drugs in Mirzapur. He is successfully running the business behind the guise of a company which makes Kaleen i.e. carpets. His son Munna wants to run the business but Kaleen doesn’t believe he is worthy of it yet. This has taken his aggression to the next level and we see it for the first time when he kills an innocent bridegroom by mistake while attending his marriage.

The family of the dead groom wants justice and hence seek help from honest advocate Ramakant Pandit. At the same time, Kaleen comes to know about the ruckus Munna created from Superintendent of Police Parshuram Gupta. He also tells him about his old enemy Rati Shankar Shukla who is coming back to Mirzapur. Kaleen asks Munna to clear the mess he has created.

Munna threatens Ramakant and asks him to take his step back from the case which he denies. At his house, a fight starts between Munna and Ramakant’s sons Guddu and Bablu.

Guddu, Bablu and their sister Dimpy study in the same college where Munna and his goons run their politics. Guddu and Dimpy’s friend Sweety have a major crush on each other. After a fight with Munna, Guddu and Bablu are summoned by Kaleen. To their surprise, they get a job from Kaleen.

Meanwhile, Kaleen rules Mirzapur singlehandedly but is bad at the bed. This has kept his wife Beena s*xually unsatisfied.

Kaleen offering a job to Guddu and Bablu has left Munna unhappy but Kaleen has big game in mind. He asks both brothers to go and convince their dad to take the case. When he declines they meet the dead groom’s father and threaten him who then takes a step back.

Sweety and Golu are revealed to be the daughters of corrupt cop Parshuram. Munna likes Sweety and wants to take move forward but she rejects him.

As Rati Shankar reaches Mirzapur he executes an attack on Munna through one of his men. However, Munna manages to escape and kills the man. Rati’s son Shankar suggests him to take his revenge when Kaleen is not in Mirzapur. Though he refuses, his father joins his business. J.P. Yadav’s election campaign needs more money for which he asks Kaleen. In order to arrange more money, he reaches out to Lala and asks him to increase the supply of opium. While returning from there he is attacked by Rati’s men. He manages to escape and also gets a hold of those goons who tell him everything. Beena is shown to be having an illegitimate relationship with Kaleen’s servant Raja.

In college, there needs to be a strong opposition against Munna. The principal thinks Golu can be the best candidate and he motivates her to stand against him. Munna and Guddu’s rivalry increases and the former tells his best friend Compounder to give Guddu steroids. Compounder also suggests Munna kill his own father i.e. Kaleen if he wants to rule Mirzapur. This initially makes Munna angry but he accepts the idea later. Guddu and Bablu who are loving the world of arms and power attempt their first killing.

Munna manipulates Kaleen regarding the opium deal and at the same time, Guddu and Bablu work to improve the arms trade in Mirzapur. Guddu also reveals to Sweety that he is a gangster. As the arms and drug trade both improve in Mirzapur, Kaleen feels proud of the brothers but the activities also catch the eyes of Senior Superintendent of Police Ram Sharan Maurya who comes to Mirzapur to control it.

A Holi party is organised which is attended Kaleen Bhaiya, Rati Shankar, J.P. Yadav and others. However, things go wrong and a fight erupts between the Yadav and Tripathis. After feeling insulted Yadav asks for funds related help from Rati Shankar and offers him help in getting Mirzapur back. Pandit brothers are rewarded by Kaleen following the profits in business but they are thrown out of the house by their father.

The problems between the Pandit brothers and Munna grow. So much so that Munna kidnaps their sister Dimpy and it further escalates the fight between them. Kaleen asks Guddu and Bablu to go underground but is attacked by Compounder. While he fails to kill him, Munna has to react and kill his loyal friend which leaves him depressed for several days.

Guddu and Bablu kill Rati Shankar as he asks them to join him which makes Kaleen angry. Guddu and Sweety get married following which he participates in a bodybuilding competition. Kaleen wants to bring Guddu down and hence influences the organisers to declare someone else a winner. Munna also manipulates Kaleen and tells that Guddu had planned the attack on him through Compounder. This is when Kaleen gives a gun to Munna.

Sweety gets pregnant and Golu wins the election. As all of them go to Dimpy’s friend’s wedding, Munna breaks into it and creates a ruckus. He kills the bridegroom and also pregnant Sweety and Bablu. Injured Golu and Guddu along with Dimpy escape. Back at Tripathi house, Satyanand comes to know about the affair between Beena and the house servant. While he cuts the pe*is of Raja, Beena is blackmailed to have s*x with him. In order to maintain the fear between Mirzapur citizens, Kaleen kills some cops. Sharad is seen shaving his head and preparing himself to take the revenge of his father’s death.

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