Mirzapur 2 EXCLUSIVE! Pankaj Tripathi Reveals The Real Story Behind His Written Dialogue "Vishuddh Chu*** Ladke Ho Tum"
Mirzapur 2 EXCLUSIVE! Pankaj Tripathi Reveals The Real Story Behind His Written Dialogue “Vishuddh Chu*** Ladke Ho Tum” (Pic credit – Pankaj Tripathi/ Facebook; amazon prime video)

Mirzapur 2 is all set to shatter some serious viewership records as it premieres tonight. One of the primary reasons why this show has achieved popularity is its solid performances by the cast. Leading them all is our man of the hour – Pankaj Tripathi. His portrayal of Kaleen Bhaiyaa did garner him a large fan following.

Koimoi had an opportunity to have a conversation with the man himself and discuss not only the show at length but also the kind of person he is in real life. In this portion, we dissected a back story behind one of his very famous dialogues from the show.



We all know Pankaj Tripathi has penned the world-famous dialogue of Mirzapur which is, “Vishuddh Chu*** Ladke Ho Tum” but no one knows the story behind it. We asked him from where that was inspired by? Here’s what the Mirzapur 2 actor has to say.

“That dialogue was born from my visit to cities like Kolkata. There are certain stores in Kolkata (and many other such cities), when they open and are a huge hit, multiple members from the same family start something similar. So to indicate the quality of those shops, they use terms like ‘Shuddh’, ‘Shuddh Desi Ghee Ka Shuddh Dukaan’, or ‘Asli Desi Ghee Ka Asli Sabse Purana Dukaan’. Just like the term ‘Real’ used against some stores in Delhi,” Pankaj Tripathi said.

The Mirzapur 2 actor further added, “From there, I got the idea of ‘Vishuddh’ to use in the dialogue. It’s just like finding purity even in the most nonsense things. Hence, ‘Vishuddh Nonsense Ladke Ho Tum’. So, I roam, travel and read a lot of books to connect with what’s working with people and how do they talk. If there’s quality in pure things, there also must be something in the ones which makes no sense,” concluded Pankaj Tripathi.

Mirzapur 2 will start streaming from midnight, are you guys going to binge-watch? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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