Lucifer Season 5: Fans Are Obsessing Over The Number Of Time Deckerstar Had S*x!
Lucifer Season 5: Fans Are Obsessing Over The Number Of Time Deckerstar Had S*x!


It will be a week since we saw Tom Ellis and Lauren German getting laid. Lucifer season 5 released on August 21 and got great reviews from fans and critics all over the world. After waiting for four long seasons, Lucifans finally got their ‘Deckerstar’ moment.

When we talk about ‘Deckerstar’ moment, it doesn’t only mean mushy and romantic scenes. Fans wanted our handsome devil and Detective Chloe Decker to have wild s*x. That’s precisely what the makers gave them in the latest season.


Now that Tom Ellis and Lauren German have set ablaze the screens with their tempting chemistry, fans can’t get enough of it. Lucifer season 5 is trending for a lot of reasons but this particular episode of the lead characters having s*x and their conversation post that is driving fans crazy.

A lot of fans took to their Twitter page to discuss this Lucifer s*x scene. They are taken to a surprise with the number of times they had s*x. One fan tweeted, “In case you still don’t believe it, let me remind you, this is Deckerstar in season 5 and they are freaking soulmates.”.

Another Lucifan wrote, “I’m dumb I just now realized that he said “another” four times and then corrected himself by saying “six actually” meaning they had s*x 4 times that night, and he wants to have s*x 6 more times, 4+6=10, big ben strikes 10 🥵”.

Check out some fan tweets below:

Meanwhile, season 5 ended on major cliffhangers. Lucifer season 6 will be the series’ finale, and the makers have promised it will be better than everything they’ve watched previously.

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