When KRK Got Brutally Roasted
KRK Laughs On His Roast(Pic Credit: Facebook/Kamaal R Khan KRK)


Kamaal R Khan aka KRK is known for his hard-hitting comments (most of them are for no reason) on Bollywood celebrities. While no one asks for his opinion, Kamaal loves giving his review of every single thing going on in the country. His opinions are more of a roast than reviews, which is why he is popular on YouTube. But what if we say that once, Kamaal was on the other side where he silently enjoyed his roast. Couldn’t believe us? Well, the incident did happen for real.

The rare incident happened when Kamaal was the guest on Comedy Nights Bachao’s one episode. For those who are unaware, Comedy Nights Bachao was a show featuring Krushna Abhishek, Sudesh Lehri, and others, where guests were brutally trolled. One fine day, Kamaal dare to grace the ‘hot’ couch.


While KRK was on the sit, Mubeen Saudagar and Adaa Khan made a brutal roast out of him. There’s an opening scene in the skit where Adaa plays a nurse where Kamaal is born. She talks about Kamaal being born in the hospital, where Mubeen interrupts with a hilarious line.

Mubeen says, “KRK jaise bachche Harappa ki khudaai mein nikalte hai”. Surprisingly, Kamaal takes it sportingly and bursts into laughter after being trolled.

Check out the snippet here:

Meanwhile, recently KRK was in the news for trolling YouTuber Saloniyaapa. He released a video that witnesses him talk about how the female YouTuber is copying Ajey Nagar aka CarryMinati and creating her own trend of abusive videos.

In his video, Kamaal claims that Saloniyaapa has copied everything from CarryMinati. Starting from the opening statement of videos to her body language when she hurls abuses. Just not that, he even claimed that beauty has ‘experience’ when it comes to s*xual relationships.

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