Did You Know? CarryMinati Was Accused Of Plagiarism By Comedian Kunal Kamra
When Kunal Kamra Took A Dig At CarryMinati & Accused Him Of Plagiarism(Photo Credit: Instagram)


CarryMinati is one of the most popular YouTubers in India. He is known for throaty roasts and comedy sketches which have become quite popular among the youth. He has played an important role one uniting millions of Indians on the same platform for a good laugh.

The YouTuber, whose original name is Ajey Nagar, enjoys more than 30 million subscribers on the video-sharing platform. Reportedly, his net worth is estimated at 27 crores. However, none of this popularity came without some controversy. Did you know he was once accused of plagiarism by comedian Kunal Kamra? Scroll down to know.


Last year, CarryMinati came up with a rap song Yalgaar Ho in a fiery response to trolls and naysayers who tried to pull him down over a controversial diss video YouTube-TikTok. The video had skirted controversy which led YouTube to take down his video.

Ajey Nagar in his rap spoke about his journey and how he believed no amount of hate or conspiracy will ever pull him down and discredit his hard work. Soon after he released the rap, comedian Kunal Kamra alleged that the rap song was copied from rapper-singer Babu Haabi’s ‘Bobocanta’ from 2016.

The 31-year-old comedian, who is well known for political satire, keeps taking digs at Carry. He had tweeted, “Dear Carry fans this is plagiarism someone stole the tune from victim carry’s mind & composed Yalgaar 2 years ago https://youtu.be/KV1wzW92bCg @YouTubeIndia what’s your stand on copyright? “Meri kahani mujhe batani hai par orignal tune nahi banani hai”

Take a look at the tweet below:

Previously, CarryMinati spoke about gaining popularity at a young age during a conversation with Outlook India. He said, “Let’s talk about the cons first – I would try to find validation through money and fame and equate happiness with materialism. As a teenager, you also want to live a carefree life which I missed out on because I was so engrossed pursuing my passion. The good part is that I gained confidence as I was a reserved child who couldn’t express myself freely. It felt amazing to go from being invisible to being widely recognised, something like the superhero fictional films. The biggest gift was and is to actually get unparalleled support and respect from complete strangers in my good and bad times.”

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