Rohit Shetty amps up action quotient in ‘Relay Week’ of ‘KKK 13’
Rohit Shetty Amps Up The Action Quotient In ‘Relay Week’ Of ‘KKK 13’ ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

The action quotient is all set to take a notch higher as the contestants will pass the baton of fear in the ‘Relay Week’ of ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi’ season 13.

This weekend’s episode will start with action master and host Rohit Shetty picking two contestants to take on a daring challenge. Just like a relay race, these two contestants will then get to choose one contestant each to join their team and the chosen contestants shall compete against each other.

The team with the maximum fear ‘fandas’ will go for the elimination stunt.

The competition will intensify with the ‘Underwater Body Bag Escape’ stunt where the chosen contestants will be in a transparent and claustrophobic bag, and they must free themselves from the bag as it submerges into water.

Followed by this, in the next stunt called ‘Heli Selfie’, contestants must pick up flags on a net attached to a chopper in midair and click a selfie once they’re done. Right after, the relay will arrive at a stunt called ‘Rat Sorter’. In this stunt, contestants must brave up as they put white rats in a white box and black rats in a black box.

The fear of heights will worsen in contestants as they perform an exciting stunt called ‘Tarzan Swing’, where they’re tasked to overcome acrophobia as they collect flags at a dizzying altitude.

The adrenaline rush will amp up in ‘Car Off The Cliff’ stunt when the chosen contestants must pick five flags placed around a car tilted at an edge while maintaining its balance and once the flags have been collected, the contestant will be yanked off the car that falls off the cliff.

For the elimination stunt, the team with the maximum number of fear fandas must nominate two contestants who shall perform a stunt called ‘Struggle In a Real Maze’.

For this time-bound stunt, the contestant will have to navigate a maze and collect sticks that emanate an electric shock. The one who performs this task to perfection will be saved from being eliminated. Catch the upcoming episode to know who bids farewell to the show!

‘Khatron Ke Khiladi 13‘ airs on Colors.

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