Jessie J cried after suffering morning sickness
Jessie J Opens Up On Suffering Miscarriage( Photo Credit – Jessie J / Facebook )

Popstar Jessie J was told that she would not be able to have children after being diagnosed with endometriosis in 2014, and so Jessie was overcome with emotion when she suffered morning sickness for the first time.

She shared: “I got pregnant – I did it by myself. I didn’t expect it to be that easy because I’d been told I wouldn’t be able to have children with my endometriosis. I’m grateful that I got pregnant. That is the experience of a lifetime for me.

“I was told that I would never… So for me to experience the morning sickness and all of that, it could make me cry with happiness just that I got to do that,” Jessie J said.

Jessie suffered a heartbreaking miscarriage in November. But the ‘Price Tag’ hitmaker still dreams of having children in the next two years, reports

Asked whether she’d like to have a baby soon, Jessie J told the ‘Rule Breakers’ podcast: “Oh 100 percent. For sure in the next two years I want to have a baby. If I can. Whichever way it happens; naturally, surrogate, IVF, adopted … whatever I’m open.

“I have such maternal energy and I’ve always been, ‘Just give me your baby.’ If you meet me, just hand me your baby. I just love babies and children, and everything about it.”

Jessie J has also opened up about the heartache of losing her baby, admitting it’s an experience that’s “hard to understand” from the outside.

Jessie shared: “When you haven’t been through a miscarriage, physically, it’s really hard to understand. It’s the most painful, because it’s so hormonal, your body and your hormones are just crazy. I remember crying and going, I don’t even feel like I want to cry.”

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