Discovery Plus’ Star VS Food 2 Episode 1 Ft. Janhvi Kapoor
Janhvi Kapoor Khan Adds Her Sass To Episode 1 Of Star VS Food 2(Photo Credit: Instagram)


Earlier this year, discovery+ launched its new show for food lovers and the ones who crave some hot B-Town gossip. Star vs Food season 1 saw Kareena Kapoor Khan, Karan Johar and more celebs trying their hand at cooking while they spilled some tea for their fans. While the season managed to garner a lot of headlines, the makers came up with the second season and the first guest was Janhvi Kapoor.

Janhvi made her Bollywood debut with Dhadak and is fast approaching success film after film. The actor is candid and fun when it comes to her chats in Interviews and shows, and she brings the same fun side to the kitchen platform and is fun to watch. While she drops the F-Bombs like an ultimate millennial she also reveals how she hides in her car to not get papped in the city.


Read on to know everything that happened in Star vs Food 2’s first episode as we bring to you the highlights of the show.

Janhvi Kapoor Is A Diva In The Kitchen Too

Janhvi is known for her fashion sense and the oomph she brings to every room she enters. And while one would expect a star to be a bit subtly dressed in a kitchen, the Dhadak actor dressed like a diva. Though it wasn’t really appropriate for the set-up, she still looked a million bucks in the off-shoulder jumpsuit.

Janhvi Kapoor Drops F-Bomb

The digital medium has surely given the liberty for the emotions to flow, but the beep comes in handy too. Janhvi is put to test in the kitchen and that calls for some shocks to and when shocked, Kapoor screams ***. Not once but twice and gets a nod from all the millennials.

Janhvi Kapoor Was A Tiffin Stealer

One would consider Janhvi Kapoor to be a shy kid in the school. But don’t get fooled, our girl was a riot. Her friends revealed she used to steal everyone else’s tiffin and finish them even before they reached the canteen. The catch was, she herself never brought one to the school.

Janhvi Kapoor Hides In The Car

The real fun begins here. Janhvi invites her three friends to the brunch, one of which is Namrata Purohit, her fitness trainer and friends. Namrata reveals how they once hatched a plan to sneak Kapoor out from the gym without the paparazzi knowing.

When asked why she did so, Janhvi Kapoor said, “Because I wasn’t supposed to be at the gym, I was supposed to be home, tired and sad. They were literally chasing us on bikes, and we were going around in her car and we had to stop at some dingy location and then I had to get back into my car. You know the amount of times I have hidden in the trunk of my car? So many times! There’s always a blanket in my car. There’s always a blanket every time I am at a place I am not supposed to be at or with someone I am not supposed to be with.”

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