Invincible Season 2: A Recap of Season 1, Special, and What To Expect From the Second Season
Invincible Season 2: A Recap of Season 1, Special, and What To Expect From the Second Season(Photo Credit –Imdb)

Amazon is continuing with the animated superhero drama Invincible, based on the iconic comic book series by Robert Kirkman. Now, going into its second season, there’s plenty of hype to see where this show will go next. Despite the onslaught of superhero TV saturating streaming television, the show managed to make a huge impression in its first season.

The first season of Invincible centered around Mark Grayson, a teenager who is just starting to gain his superpowers. He’d been expecting them as his father is Omni-Man, one of the most powerful superheroes on the planet. Although Omni-Man is beloved by the world and his wife, he harbored a dark secret that was kept under wraps, starting with the secret murders of his entire superhero team. The truth is that he is an alien from a race of ruthless and long-living warriors known as the Viltrumites who seek to conquer the universe. When Omni-Man tries to convince Mark to join him in his operations of enslaving Earth, Mark refuses, and a vicious fight ensues.

Throughout the season, various characters try to investigate and coordinate an offensive against Omni-Man. This includes Cecil Stedman, leader of the Global Defense Agency, and the demon detective Damien Darkblood. Cecil, however, is highly calculative and doomed Darkblood back to Hell in order to buy some time before revealing Omni-Man’s many murders. In the meantime, Cecil assembles a new superhero team, with Mark taking on his new title of Invincible. Mark stumbles hard as he tries to get used to his powers and the violent villains he encounters

There were plenty of bizarre side plots going on throughout the first season. Atom Eve, with the power to manipulate atoms, has been struggling to come to terms with her powers and becomes highly reserved, with her origins being revealed in the post-season TV special. Rudy, the highly intelligent robot, has been tasked as a leader of superheroes but also attempts to acquire a human body. There’s also Mark’s encounter with the quirky Allen, the Alien, tasked by the Coalition of Planets to find a new homeworld for his people and having talks with Mark on the moon.

So, what’s on the horizon for Invincible Season 2? With Omni-Man having left Earth after Mark refuses to join his Viltrumite empire, it’s only a matter of time before they cross paths again. Mark and Eve will likely find a kinship as they’ve both learned truths about how their parents viewed them. There’s also likely to be a fear of Viltrumites invading Earth that will coat the GDA with paranoia about how best to prepare a defense.

Invincible is executive produced by Robert Kirkman, Seth Rogen, and Evan Goldberg. The all-star voice cast includes Steven Yeun, Sandra Oh, J.K. Simmons, Walton Goggins, Zachary Quinto, and Zazie Beetz. The second season of the animated series is currently airing on Prime Video.

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