Nielsen Released The List Of Most Streamed Shows Of 2022 & House Of The Dragon Fans Are Upset
House Of The Dragon Didn’t Make It To the 2022 Top 15 Most Streamed Show List, ( Photo Credit – Show Poster’s )

Content is king and that’s no more a secret now. Shows with strong storyline gets all the attention of the audience. Recently, Nielsen released the names of the top 15 streaming shows of 2022 that entertained the fans throughout. Stranger Things grabbed the first place in the show followed by Ozark and Wednesday grabbed the third position. However, as soon as the results were announced, fans of House Of The Dragon stormed the internet with comments that why the show didn’t make it to the top.

House Of The Dragon is one of the most popular HBO series and enjoys a huge fanbase. However, the show didn’t make it to the most viewed original TV shows released by Nielsen. The list made the HOTD fans angry as they feel that it should have been included in the list. Many pointed out that most of the shows included in the list are from Netflix. Scroll below to check out the comments.

Notably, the list released by Nielsen has reportedly considered the shows that are specific to streaming, and Stranger Things grabbed the first place with 52 billion minutes. The list included many other popular shows like Love Is Blind, The Boys, and The Crown, among others but House Of The Dragon was absent from the list, and it made the show’s fans furious. They stormed Twitter with comments and expressed their anger.

One of the users wrote, “Where is HOTD?”

Another user wrote, “Why this list doesn’t have House of the dragons?”

“Absolutely love Cobra Kai but why is it on here and not the House Of Dragons not? Aren’t both the sequel and prequel.”

Another user simply wrote, ” It’s Kinda Unfair.”

However, many tweepals also tried to explain the reason why the show didn’t make it to the list. One of the users wrote, “It is not there because it is not, original as it is a spin–off. Though this category also shouldn’t include Rings of Power.” But hardcore HoTD fans were not in the mood to make peace with it and a lot of them argued that Wednesday is also a spin-off.

What do you think about the list? Let us know in the comments section below.

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