Exclusive: Marathi Actress Pranit Hatte Ousted From A Hotel Despite Booking For Being A Transgender, "Bus Filmon Mein Wajood Aur Awards Hain, Asal Mein Itni Hi Izzat Hai"
Marathi Actress Pranit Hatte Ousted From A Hotel For Being Transgender (Photo Credit – YouTube)

Next time when one talks about freedom, progress, or rights, just pause for a second and tell them this story we are about to tell you. A story where an actress was denied her basic rights because of her gender. It is a story about the first transgender actress of Marathi Television who was ousted from a hotel because she is transgender! So, let us not talk about achievements and progress because the fact is we are a prejudiced society.

The actress recently booked a hotel room in Nasik for professional commitments, and all the bookings and transactions were in place until she reached the hotel and the staff saw her in person. 

Pranit Hatte is an accomplished actress who boasts of a flourishing career made from hard work and struggle. But guess what happened when the hotel staff saw her ID? She was ousted from the hotel and told that her booking was canceled. She was denied accommodation based on her gender.

After the actress shared her ordeal in a video on her Instagram, Koimoi connected with Pranit Hatte to get to know her story. , “Bus filmon mein ab hamara wajood hai. Asal zindagi mein itni hi izzat hai. Mere ye bolne se koi farak padega malum nahi? Mere bolne pe koi kuch kar bhi paayega mere ko maloom nahi. But ghutan jaisi hoti hai man mein. (Our existence is celebrated only in films, this is ground reality where we yearn for basic respect and decency. am not sure if speaking out would make a difference. am not even sure if taking a stand against this bias would make someone take action. But I feel suffocated.)”

We wanted to know if such prejudice had happened before the actress said, “Ye itni baar hota hai ki sabko lagta hoga ki aadat pad jaati hai, but abhi hua aur thodi der ke liye wapas sunna ho gayi. Nazar mein hota hai saamne waale ke jaise hi dekhta hai. Mostly log bolte nahi, par nazar mein sabke hota hai. (It happens so often that one might think we are used to such prejudices, but it just happened again, and I am numb yet again. It is visible in their glances. Mostly, people do not speak to segregate us but it is there in that one glance!)


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For the unversed, Pranit Hatte, who was a part of Nawazuddin Siddiqui‘s Haddi, is the first transgender actress on Marathi Television. She started her career with a short film titled Wajood, which was appreciated in international and domestic film festivals. The film even won accolades for portraying a transgender woman as she is beautiful.

Here is a link to Pranit Hatte’s short film that ironically summarizes her ordeal as the third gender in this society.

Hopefully, she gets the respect she commands and deserves, and then we can probably continue the discussions about a progressive world! 

Stay tuned to Koimoi for more such stories.

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