Jigyasa Singh: Moving Up To The Next Level Isn't An Easy Task (Picture Credit: Facebook)
Jigyasa Singh: Moving Up To The Next Level Isn’t An Easy Task (Picture Credit: Facebook)

Television actress Jigyasa Singh has teamed up with singer Goldie Sohel for a music video titled ‘Sun Ranjheya’. It was a dream come true for the actress as she had always wanted to work with her friend, Goldie. Initially, she had to turn down the offer due to scheduling conflicts, but when Goldie reached out again, she immediately said yes. Jigyasa connected with the song’s emotion and was impressed with the stunning visuals created by director Kuber Sarup. She describes this music video as a bucket list item and is grateful to the entire team for making it happen.

“Sun Ranjheya” is a song that deals with the profound agony of separation. Although being apart from each other can strengthen the bond in some cases, it is not always true. In any relationship, it is essential to be honest and open in communication. Don’t be afraid to express your true feelings and confront the worst possible situation.

During an interview with Koimoi, Jigyasa shared her thoughts on the importance of communication in maintaining a healthy relationship. According to her, effective communication is not only essential for romantic partners but also for other kinds of relationships, such as between parents and children, siblings, spouses, and friends. Jigyasa emphasizes that listening attentively is equally important.

A special message from Jigyasa Singh

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, we approached her to ask what message she would like to convey to her fans. Singh responded, “Love is beautiful. But do not be afraid of the challenges or heartbreaks that love brings along. It is essential to learn from them and move forward. It is possible that the person you loved was not meant for you, and that’s okay.”

Jigyasa Singh’s tale of struggle in the TV industry

Talking about her journey in the world of acting, Jigyasa said, “When I began my journey, things were easy for me because I didn’t struggle to find work when I landed my first project. I was still studying at the time, and I just happened to come across this project. I never expected it to become such a huge success, etc. My father has always been my biggest inspiration and supporter. He encouraged me, saying “I think this is your calling. You should go for it.” Even though I was studying Mass Communication and Journalism, I never thought that I would become an actor. I believe it was simply God’s calling. The show did well, and people still recognize me by that character’s name. I am grateful for that. However, my struggle started after that.”

Jigyasa describes two distinct struggles that actors face – the first being when they arrive in Mumbai and start looking for work, and the second being once they have completed their first project and are seeking opportunities to advance their careers. “Moving up to the next level is not an easy task. You have to start from scratch all over again, which can be quite challenging. As a new artist, it is important not to overthink things and to take on as much work as possible, learning from every experience along the way,” said the actress, who became a household name after the show Thapki Pyar Ki.

After doing shows like Dev 2, Nazar, Shakti – Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki, and Thapki Pyaar Ki 2, Jigyasa took a break owing to her health issues. Further adding about her journey in the industry, Singh said, “I am grateful that my family moved to Mumbai when I found work here. This meant that I did not have to struggle financially as some other actors do. Some artists have to accept any offer that comes their way to pay their bills. Fortunately, I had the support to choose my work. However, I was also aware that I had to take responsibility for my choices. It has been a beautiful journey, and I have learned to never turn down new opportunities.”

Check out Sun Ranjheya song, featuring Jigyasa Singh:

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