Bigg Boss: From 2.5 Crores Per Episode To 200 Crores For One Season – Salman Khan's Salary Graph Over The Years
Bigg Boss: From 2.5 Crores Per Episode To 200 Crores For One Season – Salman Khan’s Salary Graph Over The Years

How much does Salman Khan charge per episode for Bigg Boss is something that we are all interested in knowing at the start of a new season! The Dabangg actor has been hosting India’s most controversial reality show since its fourth season in October 2010, and now ten years later, he will return as host for Bigg Boss 14. So over this decade long period of being a host how much has Bhai been charging? Read on to know.


Over the years, Bigg Boss has become synonym with Salman Khan and the airing channel, Colors TV, has done everything in their power to retain him. This includes increasing his pay package each year. From 2.5 crore for an episode to charging a whopping 200 crore for an entire season, Salman’s fees have been on the rise.


Today, we take a look at the remuneration Salman Khan has received as the host of Bigg Boss 4 right up the latest one, Bigg Boss 14. (All figures are as per a Bollywood Hungama report.)

Bigg Boss 4-6

For the initial three seasons, Salman Khan hosted, the actor charged a sum of Rs 2.5 crore per episode. All three seasons ran for 13 weeks and 6 days, so just assuming he shot only two episodes per week (the Weekend Ka Waar) get your calculators out and do the math.

Bigg Boss 7

As reported by the above-mentioned site, Salman Khan doubled his fees from 2.5 crores to Rs. 5 crores for Bigg Boss 7 in 2013.

Bigg Boss 8

The Bajrangi Bhaijaan reportedly increased his fees from the last season and charged the makers an estimated Rs 5.5 crore per episode.

Bigg Boss 9

For the next season (October 2015-January 2016), Salman Khan once again got an increase in payment. The actor’s fees were increases to Rs 7-8 crore per episode.

Bigg Boss 10

In this season, the Tiger Zinda Hai actor was paid a cheque of Rs 8 crore per episode. Do the math, and you will know how much he earned over the entire season – and it’s not a small number.

Bigg Boss 11

For Bigg Boss 11. It was reported that the actor was sharing double digits per episode. Yup, as per news article that made the front pages and online portals, Salman Khan was reportedly charging Rs 11 crore per episode for the show’s 11th season. Raj Nayak (Endemol COO) responded to these reports suggesting the actual number was not far from ones being tossed around.

Bigg Boss 12

As per a report on Business Today, Khan reportedly earned around Rs 12 crore- Rs 14 crore per episode.

Bigg Boss 13

As per a Pinkvilla source, Salman Khan was reportedly be paid around Rs 200 crore for the season. Diving the amount by the number of episodes he actually has to shoot, the fees per episodes amounted to approx Rs 13 crore per day. The source had said, “BB 13 will be a notch higher. He (Salman) has hiked his fee and will get Rs 13 crore per week, which means Rs 6.5 crore per episode. That also means that he will in fact be earning close to Rs 200 crore (Rs 195 crore exactly) this time.”

Bigg Boss 14

With this season all set to premiere this weekend, we all definitely want to know the amount going to be written on his cheques soon. During a recent press conference held promoting the show, Salman Khan said that he is taking a pay cut this year owing to the coronavirus lockdown. He said, “The reason why I am doing this season of Bigg Boss. It’ll provide employment to people, there’s a very large unit, they will start getting their salary, they’ll be able to get ration for their homes.” When Abhishek Rege, CEO of Endemol Shine India said, “Obviously you might not see huge increments, but we are paying full salary,” Salman replied, “What about mine? It doesn’t matter. I am more than happy to cut it down so that everyone else gets paid.”

The payment Salman Khan received to host Bigg Boss, makes him one of the highest-paid hosts in the world.

How much do you think he will be earring (after a cut) this season? Let us know in the comments below.

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