Bigg Boss 17: Mannara Chopra's Total Fee Till The Grand Finale Is 340% Higher Than The Winning Prize, Earning A Whopping 2.2 Lakh Every Single Day - Highest Paid Contestant This Season!
Mannara Chopra’s Total Fee Till The Grand Finale Is Whopping 340% Higher Than Bigg Boss 17’s Winning Prize (Picture Credit: Voot)

Bigg Boss 17 has entered its final leg, and while the show is very close to the grand finale, another eviction kicking Vicky Jain out of the show surprised everyone. Currently, Munawar Faruqui, Abhishek Kumar & Ankita Lokhande have been eyed as the top contenders for the trophy. But guess who has played along all this while as fiercely as them? It is none other than Mannara Chopra who has immense support and fans outside.

The actress, whose claim to fame before the reality show has been her family ties with Priyanka Chopra and Parineeti Chopra, has garnered enough attention on the show for her over-expressive emotions and convenient outbursts.

While Bigg Boss 17 comes to an end, guess how much Mannara Chopra will earn from the show? The actress, who was signed for the show against a fee of 15 lakh per week, will take home almost 2.2 crore by the end of the Salman Khan-led reality show. Initially, when the show started, it was rumored that Ankita Lokhande, with her 12 crore per week fee, was the highest-paid contestant.

Later, a report by Siasat confirmed that Mannara Chopra, with 15 lakh per week, is the highest-paid contestant of Bigg Boss 17.

Mannara Chopra’s 340% Higher Fee

The Zid actress will get paid 2.2 crore for her 15-week stint in Bigg Boss 17. This is almost 340% higher than the winning amount, which is generally 40 – 50 lakh. However, this year, Bigg Boss 17’s winning amount has not been disclosed. According to reports, it will be in the same range as the last year.

Earning 2.1 Lakh Per Day

Mannara is being paid 15 lakh per week for the reality show. While she is the highest-paid contestant on the show, she is earning a whopping 2.1 lakh per day. To cut it down further, a jaw-dropping almost 9K per hour!

Mannara & Her Friends Cum Enemies

Bigg Boss 17 saw Mannara Chopra trying to imitate Shehnaaz Gill‘s journey, making the same set of friends and foes. While she lost it on her best friend Munawar, calling him the nastiest things on the show, she even apologized for the same, blaming her short temper for her outbursts. Her honesty and loyalty towards her only friend are what won her fans outside the show.

Chances Of Winning Bigg Boss 17

While Mannara might have been one of the most entertaining contestants this season with her unintentional flips, outbursts, attacks, jealous gestures, and putting out one of the most real-fake identities, the chances of her winning the trophy seem to be pretty meek.

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