‘Bigg Boss 17’: Abhishek Kumar got a warning from Bigg boss after his violent behavior
Abhishek Kumar Got A Last Warning From Bigg Boss (Photo Credit: Instagram; Voot)

TV actor and contestant Abhishek Kumar seems to have anger issues as since the time he entered ‘Bigg Boss’, he has only been fighting. He first had an episode with ex Isha Malviya, then housemate Soniya Bansal, and the most recently with Arun Srikant Mashetty.

It all happened, when Arun and Sunny Aryaa were seen sitting with Abhishek and following around. Arun then was heard saying that he is uncomfortable using the bathroom around women as he farts a lot.

Without listening to the whole thing, Abhishek soon got everyone in one place to discuss Arun’s problem. Arun did not like the way his problem was being addressed and soon the two got into an argument.

Knowing Abhishek’s aggression problems, he charged towards Arun and pushed him. The housemates ran to stop the two. Sunny tried to explain to Abhishek that he shouldn’t get so physically aggressive, however, this led to an ugly spat between the two.

Looking at this, Bigg Boss asked all housemates to come into the living area. Bigg Boss then told Abhishek that his aggressive behavior is getting noticed and how he provokes other contestants. He has been given the last warning.

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