Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain Producer Binaifer Kohli On Donating Plasma: “We Will Try & Save As Many Lives As I Can By Doing So”
Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain Producer Binaifer Kohli On Donating Plasma: “We Will Try & Save As Many Lives As I Can By Doing So”

After the lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic has eased down, the TV and Bollywood industry has slowly and steadily stood back on its feet. Shootings have resumed but with all the necessary precautions. Despite taking all the precautionary measures, the cases of positive corona patients are on the rise. Recently, Bhabiji Ghar Par Hain producers Binaifer Kohli and husband Sanjay Kohli tested COVID-19 positive.


Initially, Sanjay got infected and then Binaifer. But luckily both of them are fit and fine now. And now after testing negative, the couple has recovered and aim to help others. Continue reading further to know-how.


According to reports in, Binaifer Kohli and Sanjay Kohli wish to help those fighting the COVID-19 battle by donating their plasma. They want to save as many lives they can. Now, this is a good thought. We are glad that more and more people are coming ahead and helping others in such challenging times.

Binaifer said, “We have to wait for 14 days before I can donate my plasma. And as soon as it gets over, we are going to do so. My daughter had organised a blood camp in the past, and now she plans to have a plasma camp too on the set. So all of us who were tested positive will donate plasma. We will try and save as many lives as I can by doing so.”

Binaifer Kohli also said she was mentally prepared for the positive result, and during her self-quarantine, she followed all the rules by the government and the doctors. She revealed, “I was prepared to take care of everything mentally. My first reaction was oh good, I will have antibodies now, and I will be able to combat it myself.”

“I was in-home quarantine, and I had good doctors with me. I followed all that they advised; I followed the government rules and everything that was explained to me very meticulously. I always wore a mask and self-quarantined myself away from everybody else. And just before me, my husband had tested positive for COVID, and he was also in quarantine. And the minute he was diagnosed, we all were locked in our rooms separately and were in self-quarantine,” revealed Binaifer.

“We followed all the rules about food and everything, and we never met each other. I did not follow any home remedies. I was taking all the juices and hot soups. I followed all the rules from day one. I have researched COVID and can answer anything that a doctor can answer. And it’s not what comes on WhatsApp or Google; I read up all the researchers done on COVID so far,” revealed Binaifer Kohli.

The TV producer also thanked her neighbours and friends for sending them home-cooked food. She said, “It was always a buffet with a good spread daily as my neighbours and friends used to send food for us. Cooking was out of the question as we all were in quarantine, so I can’t thank them enough for doing this for us.”

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