Anuv Jain on why his music is popular among the youth
Anuv Jain on why his music is popular among the youth ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Be it ‘Baarishein’, ‘Alag Aasmaan’ or ‘Ocean’, singer Anuv Jain, who has made a mark among the youth with his soft-Indie pop style of music, has shared the reason why the younger generation follows his music so much.

Ludhiana-born Anuv, 27, was performing at the ongoing VH1 Supersonic.

IANS chatted with the musician on the ground to understand his key to such a mass following.

When asked the reason behind the youth following his songs, the singer, who mostly uses only a guitar or an ukulele, unaccompanied by percussion or other instruments to perform, said: “A lot of my music revolves around finding your first love, heartbreak, and distance in relationships. I’m still young and my story is pretty much out there — which resonates with a lot of people starting out.”

With independent artistes now getting the spotlight and credit, Anuv is hopeful and finds it “amazing for the entire community”.

“As independent artistes, we don’t work with big budgets and that can sometimes be a little limiting when we have to market ourselves. So every kind of support, be it – word of mouth, festival stages and even social media, everything means a lot, Anuv said, who defines his music genre as “soft-Indie pop”.

Social media really amped up Anuv’s reach, leading to thousands of reels made on his music.

How does he see the impact of social media on music and musical artistes? “I think it’s really great when it happens! Social media is essential, but it’s not the be-all and end-all.

“Yes, you can make a good song but you need to market it and that’s where social media comes in. At the same time, if your story isn’t interesting, and people can’t connect or relate to it, they won’t be coming back to listen again.”

This is not the first time Anuv has performed on stage, he has done live concerts all across the country.

Anuv, who loves performing on the stage, said: “It brings a certain energy to an artiste when the audience knows your lyrics and sings them back to you. There’s no bigger performance than that.”

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