Archana Puran Singh: I'm up anytime for a comedy show or film
Archana Puran Singh Syas The Kapil Sharma Show Is Irreplacable ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

TV personality and actress Archana Puran Singh, who is now seen as a judge along with Shekhar Suman on India’s Laughter Champion (ILC), talked about her journey on The Kapil Sharma Show, why she accepted the opportunity to judge ILC, and how she finds her co-judge Shekhar Suman.

In conversation with IANS, Archana Puran Singh talked about what it is like to work with Shekhar Suman: “He’s an old colleague. It’s always nice to work with people who you know. I think perhaps he balances me as a judge. I’m very open and loud in my expressions and laughter while he is more controlled. Also, he doesn’t laugh as much or as heartily as I do. It’s a good balance.”

India’s Laughter Champion has replaced The Kapil Sharma Show (TKSS), which has its own legacy and place in the hearts of the audience. Can ILC have the same appeal?

Archana Puran Singh says: “No show can replace TKSS. It is irreplaceable. Also, this show was always only meant to be on this slot for as long as TKSS is away on a break.”

She added: “It has already made its place in the hearts of fans because of its unique style of stand-up and a very solid comic base of its contestants, it is very different from TKSS which has its own die hard loyal fan following which is unshakeable.”

Further, as she talked about her journey on TKSS, she shared that “It’s been a dream journey. I tell Kapil that for sure our relationship has to be from another life time.

“Ever since Comedy Circus began in 2017, we have been working together. And we have a bond which is tangible and intangible both. What people can see is a fun and banter kind of relationship,” Archana Puran Singh said.

“What people do not see is the underlying absolute love, respect and trust that is the backbone of both our personal as well as professional partnership. It is not for nothing that TKSS is an enduring show. It is because of the kind of person Kapil is that one cannot help but love him as well as his work. Which is why TKSS shall always remain a show that is closest to my heart.

“Sitting on that (in)famous chair I always raise my hands in salute to God; He has been the kindest. I am in a show which gives me live entertainment every weekend and takes care of my retirement plans in luxury!”

On the reason for saying yes to ILC, Archana Puran Singh told IANS: “I am up for a comedy show or film anytime. When ILC was offered to me it did delay my long-standing holiday plans but it was too tempting to refuse, since it put me in a chair as a judge, something which I haven’t done since Comedy Circus.”

She said further: “I enjoy witnessing the spectacular comic stand-up talents of our country. It is a genre which is both exciting and dynamic and like I said, judging a show of this kind is a high of sorts for a comedy junkie like me.”

Kapil Sharma was often seen teasing Archana on TKSS for not going to the US with the team. She clarified: “There was never any plan of me going for the US tour. When Kapil announced his tour dates, I had planned a UK holiday with my family. But would Kapil and team ever let go of the opportunity to ‘make up a fact’ to create humour?”

The comedienne added with a laugh: “They completely made this whole gag up that Archana has been denied a US visa and poor thing, that’s why she’s not going, and she’s ever so cut up about it! And they spent the last few months teasing me mercilessly on the show.”

She revealed what according to her is the USP of this show: “Stand-up comedy is a genre almost as old as comedy itself. And ILC is a classic stand-up comedy show. The USP of ILC is its raw talent, the comedians, who bring to the show their very original and organic, desi Indian humour that encompasses all the flavours of our vast and colourful country.”

Archana Puran Singh concluded by saying, “This is a unique show that provides a platform for budding or less established comics to launch into the next stage of their burgeoning careers.”

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