Anuj & Anupama Are Heading Towards Divorce; Netizens Can't Stop Reacting
Will Anuj & Anupama Part Their Ways? Netizens Are Heartbroken & Cannot Stop Reacting To This News! ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

The television show Anupamaa has a massive fan following among the audience, and the actors of the show have now become a household name. In fact, the show proved that the audience is now open to new stories and creative plots over regular saas-bahu drama. Anupama & Anuj’s love story won people’s hearts, but now TV’s favourite couple is heading towards divorce & netizens just can’t reacting to it.

The ongoing high-voltage drama of divorce in the show has left the netizens divided. While many netizens are already heartbroken with the sequence, some believe Anupama should take a stand for her self-respect. Scroll below to read the details.

The drama in the show kicked off when Anupama & Anuj, aka Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna, lost custody of their daughter choti Anu to her biological mother Maaya. After their daughter decided to leave their parents for good, Anuj blamed Anupama for losing custody of their kid. Notably, after witnessing the episode, Anupamaa’s best friend Devika intervened and lashed out at Anuj. She even compared him to Anupama’s ex–husband Vanraj. In the same episode, Anuj refuses to live with her and leaves the house forever.

On the other hand, Anupama tries to convince Anuj and tells him to reconsider his decision. Now, the fans are reacting to #MaAn breakup aka Anupama and Anuj.

One of the users wrote, “The mask of 26 years of love fell off in less than 2 mins.”

Another user requested Anupama not to lose her self-respect in a rush to save her marriage and wrote, “Anu, stop saying sorry. Leave him alone for some time, he will himself come back to you, regretting his words. Stay strong, my love.”

Another user wrote, “Person who had to give her hope. Who made her believe in giving a second chance to life is making her beg her for his love like this. Will she be able to believe in love again? Why is life so cruel to her?”

Another set of netizens came out to support Anuj, and one of them wrote, “Devika, I want you to apologize to Anuj right now. How can you compare him with Vanraj? How dare you? Zameen Asmaan mai farak hai dono mai. Anuj is not in his senses. Where were u when Anu left Anuj in a wheelchair to celebrate in SH?”

Well, what do you think about Anupama and Anuj parting ways? Who should we blame, or is it just a matter of time? Let us know in the comments section below!

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