'Abhay 3': Asha Negi, Vidya Malvade on supernatural experience
‘Abhay 3’: Asha Negi, Vidya Malvade on supernatural experience ( Photo Credit – Instagram ; Abhay 3 Poster )

As the new season of the upcoming cop drama ‘Abhay 3’ shows the existence of the supernatural world and black magic, actors Asha Nehi and Vidya Malvade share their creepy experiences in real life.

Asked about their belive in supernatural power Asha told IANS: “Even though I haven’t experienced anything creepy so far, I believe in buri nazaar. Many times it happens that our elders like mothers, grandmothers burn chillis to remove negative energy from our surroundings and protect us. I believe that if blessing works, the curse also affects. But, in our show, the evil force showing their conviction and why they do that they so.”

Vidya Malvade on the other hand shared one of the creepy experiences that she had during one of her trips to Finland.

Vidya Malvade mentioned, “Once I was in Finland, living in a resort where the location was beautiful but remote. When I opened the window of my hotel room, I saw a huge tree and there was a water body across. A visual just crossed my mind that of a lady in a white sari, holding a candle in her hand. But that’s it, I did not entertain that much.”

“In the night, when I was asleep, I heard a loud sound of banging on my door and I just felt that room is possessed, I might not stay alive tonight. I was so scared. In the morning even though I asked around if someone came at my door, but nobody was there! yes, I did experience that,” Vidya Malvade added.

In the new season, Abhay, played by Kunal Kemmu is investigating a series of murders where the killer is leaving clues that shows some element of supernatural activities.

Vidya who is playing a pivotal part in the narrative said, “My character is onto the other side, the evil side. In the human mind, there is a good and evil side in all of us. It depends on how we interpret and let evil come out. Nidhi, my character believes that death is the ultimate moksha, so she is trying to give death to every human being to achieve their moksha.”

Sharing more details of her character, Asha said, “This season Sonam Khanna is much bolder, brighter and her actions are a reflection of that. From the outside, she also comes across like a psycho. But there’s an emotional shift happened in her that audience will get to know.”

Directed by Ken Ghosh, ‘Abhay 3’, also featuring Vijay Raz, will be released on ZEE5 on April 8.

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