When Nayanthara Received A Massive Backlash After A Leaked Video From Thirunaal Featured A School Boy Kissing Her
When Nayanthara Received A Massive Backlash After A Leaked Video From Thirunaal Featured A School Boy Kissing Her, Director Defended It (Picture Credit: IMDB)

Nayanthara is a highly acclaimed and influential actress in the South Indian film industry. While she is widely recognized for her exceptional talent, versatility, and magnetic screen presence, she often made headlines due to some controversies.

Back in 2016, the actress received a massive backlash after a scene from her film Thirunaal was leaked. In the leaked video, a schoolboy was seen having a liplock with the actress. Scroll down to know more.

After the video featuring Nayanthara went viral, there have been critical pieces bashing the director for exploiting the innocence of children and depicting them in a grey light. On the contrary, a section of society sees this argument as debatable.

Thirunaal is director PS Ramnath’s second directorial venture. As reported by India Today, the director addressed the controversy, “This is just a small fun scene in the film. Had it been inappropriate, Nayanthara would not have agreed to do it. This is a very casual scene, and little kids get involved in different activities these days. One can’t stop them from doing certain things. This scene doesn’t have to be talked about so much. If it was a much older kid, then that might have raised many eyebrows. However, in this case, he’s a small kid, and if it were inappropriate, the Censor board would have asked to remove it.”

Director Ramnath seems to have the support of Women and Children’s Activists as well. Lawyer Sudha Ramalingam said, “In a movie, depiction of scenes will depend on the storyline, and if a child is locking lips, I don’t think there’s anything wrong. You don’t have to attach sexuality to everything. We see children kissing their mothers and sisters. Do you mean to say it is sexual in nature? I don’t see anything like that. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and this is also the same way.”

Most of the people seemed to have accepted the fact that it was cute and innocent of the child to do that and didn’t find anything vulgar. “The scene was just too cute, both the boy’s and Nayanthara’s reactions were nice, and if you see the movie, you will understand that the scene was just to show how Nayanthara’s character is in the movie – a simple, loving teacher,” said Ramkrishna, who watched the film.

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