Samyuktha Hegde asks people to not judge others on the basis of what they see
Samyuktha Hegde Urges People To Not Judge Others On The Basis Of What They See ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Pointing out that everybody has to fight their own silent battles, actress Samyuktha Hegde on Monday urged people not to judge others on the basis of what they saw.

The actress, who will be seen opposite actor Prabhu Deva in the upcoming Tamil film ‘Thael’, took to social media to highlight that it was no cakewalk for people who were lean and were trying to gain weight as well.



Samyuktha Hegde wrote on her Instagram page, “Dear friend with a different body type, Thank you for constantly acknowledging how lucky I am to be skinny. Thank you for not even considering my body concerns. Thank you for always ignoring my efforts at being fit and calling me blessed. Thank you for not appreciating my efforts for transforming my body from 45 to 50 kilos. Thank you for telling me ‘You can eat anything and it won’t even show’. Thank you for letting me know that a ‘skinny to fit’ journey doesn’t matter, it’s only the ‘fat to fit’ that counts. Regards, Your skinny friend.”

“Everyone is fighting their silent battles, don’t make judgements based on what you see, some people are trying to lose weight while some are trying to gain, some stay fit their whole lives by constantly putting efforts. No one is LUCKY,” Samyuktha Hegde added.

“No one was born perfect and there is no journey to attain perfection cause it does not exist. Being healthy mentally and physically is important, training and nourishing your body is important, taking care of the one thing you were born with is the most important!” the Samyuktha Hegde said.

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