Samantha Called Out For Endorsing Junk Food As Opposed To What She Says In Her Podcasts
Samantha Called Out For Endorsing Junk Food As Opposed To What She Says In Her Podcasts ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

After an episode on her podcast Take 20 that focused on the importance of eating healthy, Samantha responded candidly to an online critic who pointed out that she had previously endorsed unhealthy food and beverages.

Such acknowledgement by the actress was done through statements like, “I have made mistakes in the past when I didn’t know any better, but I have stopped accepting many many endorsements” This response demonstrated how much she has grown and committed herself to a healthier way of life.

Her journey towards better health became even more significant after being diagnosed with myositis in 2022, an autoimmune disorder characterized by muscle inflammation. To deal with this health challenge, she took six months away from work last year. Her emphasis on wellbeing has since become a central aspect of her life as well as one that seeks to inspire others to adopt such habits.

In retrospect, Samantha said, “It becomes quite difficult now because almost everything that was missing now seems so obvious especially when it comes to what I eat or who’s brand. My whole ethos is based around leading healthy lives.” The necessity for doing what’s right and aspiring for growth underscores her comments.

Returning on silver screen in 2023 with Vijay Deverakonda with the movie Khusi, Samantha went on, “…and despite appearing incongruous to many people at first sight—since brands also do impact us commercially—I want to make sure that I only associate myself with those brands as devoted to life and wellness as we are.” She also mentioned that it is always smart to try using the products, before endorsing them.

Samantha’s approach epitomizes authenticity and her concern for well-being, thereby highlighting how important it is for actions to be aligned with values. Her honest admission followed by changes in action mirrors what many people go through, illustrating that in personal and professional life, growth and integrity are key.

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