RRR Director SS Rajamouli Reveals The Real Reason Why He Moved Away From Religion & Called It A Kind Of Exploitation
SS Rajamouli Revealed How Hindu Epics Helped Him In Storytelling(Pic Credit: Facebook)

Director SS Rajamouli created history by taking his blockbuster film RRR on the global map. He made the entire country super proud. Ever since the film was released, the entire cast is riding high on success and now, there is no looking back. His fans have high hopes from him when it comes to films. The director recently talked about religious fervour, and revealed he once lived like a sannyasi. Scroll below to read the highlights of the conversation.

It’s no more a secret that Baahubali’s director is an atheist but do you know he was not always like this? There was a time when he deeply believed in god and revealed that everyone in his family are deeply religious. He went on to reveal that he keeps his personal beliefs separate from his films.



In an interview with The New Yorker, RRR director SS Rajamouli revealed why he moved away from the religion. He spoke about the religious fervour he was caught in and recalled the time when he used to wear saffron clothes. He said, “Then I got caught up in my family’s religious fervour. I started reading religious texts, going on pilgrimages, wearing saffron cloth, and living like a sannyasi for a few years. Then I caught onto Christianity, thanks to some friends. I’d read Bible, go to church, and all kinds of stuff. Gradually, all these things somehow made me feel that religion is essentially a kind of exploitation.”

SS Rajamouli went on to say that Hindu epics Ramayana and Mahabharta had a major influence on all his films, Even if he was moving away from the religion, his love for “stories” like Mahabharta or Ramayana never diminished. The director said, “Anything that comes out of me, I find something new. These texts are like oceans: every time I visit them, I find something new. I did start pushing away those texts’ religious aspects, but what stayed with me was the complexity and the greatness of their drama and storytelling.”

Well, we have to agree! The kind of storytelling he has done is commendable, thanks to his fondness for Hindu epics.

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