Rashmika Mandanna Gets Massively TrolledOver An Old Video Of Explaining Her 'Weird' Diet Plan Goes Viral; Read On
Rashmika Mandanna Gets Massively TrolledOver An Old Video Of Explaining Her ‘Weird’ Diet Plan Goes Viral(Photo Credit –Instagram)

After significantly impacting the South Indian film industry, Rashmika Mandanna is now making a mark in Bollywood. The actress enjoys a considerable fan following on social media. Her fans love her for her down-to-earth personality and growing influence in the Indian film industry.

While some fans love her, the actress gets trolled online for petty reasons. Netizens have now dugg out an old video of the Goodbye actress talking about her diet plans, and is going viral on social media. Scroll down to know more.

In a vintage video recently circulated on Reddit, Rashmika Mandanna candidly discusses her daily dietary habits. While one might anticipate a well-structured routine and diet, Rashmika’s video offers a glimpse into some rather unconventional moments. Her revelations have left many puzzled due to a series of intriguing contradictions.

Rashmika Mandanna disclosed that she had recently transitioned to a vegetarian diet, which aligns with current trends. However, what distinguishes her account is the revelation of experiencing allergic reactions to seemingly benign vegetables such as cucumbers, potatoes, capsicums, and tomatoes.

Can anyone make sense of her diet here?
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Following her dietician’s guidance, her daily regimen starts with a litre of water, replaced later with apple cider vinegar. While hydration is essential, her litre of water upon waking may seem excessive to nutritionists. Avoiding avocado toast without explanation raises questions. She skips rice but opts for mixed veggies, offering no rationale. Her ‘light’ dinners lack specifics. The most puzzling aspect is her oscillation between vegetarian and eggetarian diets, casting doubt on the authenticity of her plan.

Rashmika Mandanna’s allergies are potatoes, tomatoes, capsicum, and cucumbers, except sweet potatoes. Italian cuisine constraints and dessert indulgence. A user commented, “Your dietician banned avocado toast but is cool with you eating sugar 24×7. Oh, she’s allergic to potatoes but not allergic to sweet potatoes. Drinks wine, but it has too much sugar s9 she doesn’t drink that, but she ate dessert 24×7 in Italy. I don’t know this lady, but there’s a very clear deficiency of intellect going on here. Who is she.”

Another user wrote, “She’s anorexic, fam. I had the same kind of responses. “Omggg isn’t it cute when I eat sweets?! It happens all the time just don’t ask me how often.”

So what do you think about Rashmika Mandanna’s diet plan? Let us know in the comments.

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