Pushpa 2 Story Change To Satisfy Hindi Audience Could Be A Huge Mistake!
Pushpa 2 Story Change To Satisfy Hindi Audience Could Be A Huge Mistake, Here’s Why!(Photo Credit: Facebook)

Pushpa: The Rise is continuing to make a lot of noise at the ticket windows and so much so that people are already talking about its sequel i.e. Pushpa 2 (Pushpa: The Rule). In our recent article, we talked about how the South Indian film industry has evolved from being trolled to getting worshipped.

But, the recent news of director Sukumar “re-writing some crucial sequences (of Pushpa: The Rule) in the sequel to make it more accessible to Hindi audiences” has surely raised some points we want to highlight in this piece.



Before you get into what we’ve to say, reserve your judgment of what do you think about makers ‘modifying’ part 2 for a certain section of the audience after getting an unexpected response for the film’s part 1? We are sure there will be multiple schools of thought and the answer couldn’t be a simple yes or no.

It’s always a good idea to listen to the feedback for your product and make changes in it for its sequel according to the taste of your audience.

Are Pushpa makers wrong IF THEY modify the already planned content for the sequel? Yes & No! Yes, because they very well understand why part 1 worked, which was only because it unabashedly delivered the masala entertainment without glossing things up. Why do you think they won’t like what you’ve already thought when they did the same thing with part 1?

Bollywood has off-late been struggling to deliver a proper masala entertainer due to more than one reason. That’s also holding a big chunk of the pie of why the Hindi audience is ready to lap a well-made commercial potboiler crossing every regional barrier. Why do you have to Bollywood’ize things when you’ve already cracked the formula of serving a blockbuster in your way?

All these doubts and many more things will leave many of us sceptical regarding the decisions made, but we can only hope they don’t go overboard doing the same. Recently, there were similar rumours even for KGF: Chapter 2, and the same debate applies to it as well. But, as they say, don’t count your chickens before they hatch, we’ll have to wait to see what’s in store for Pushpa: The Rule.

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