Prabhas Charged Over 80 Lakhs For Every Second Of His 2 Minutes+ Of Dialogues In A 3 Hour Long Salaar - Most Expensive Speech Ever?
Prabhas Charged Over 80 Lakhs For Every Second Of His 2 Minutes+ Of Dialogues In An Almost 3 Hour Long Salaar (Picture Credit: Facebook)

Prabhas has been an actor with few words & he has been proving the same with every passing film. SS Rajamouli, while directing him for the Baahubali franchise, couldn’t stop raving about the screen presence he owns. We’ve witnessed the same with each of his films post that. No matter however substandard the product is, you can’t deny the fact that he has fine control over his presence.

You won’t see him delivering monologues or long speeches because he can express so much through his eyes and actions. The way his punch is highlighted in Salaar’s trailer indicates how the directors rely on his presence more than what he speaks.

The screenplay is also carefully crafted around the same, keeping all these things in mind. If reports are to be believed, it’s now been said that Prabhas had just 2 minutes & 35 seconds of dialogues in the total runtime of 2 hours and 55 minutes. 

A fan made an effort to compile all the dialogues of Rebel Star from the film, concluding the duration. But, we went a step ahead! Taking this fascinating stat to compare it with the gargantuan amount Prabhas reportedly charged for Salaar.

How much was Prabhas paid? 

As per the reports, he was paid a monumental amount of 100 crores + 10% of the film’s profit. On a budget of 350 crores (all inclusive), it collected 612.90 crores at the worldwide box office. This means the film would have registered around 250 crores of return. This would add 25 crores (10%) more to Prabhas’ account, taking his total salary to 125 crores.

How much does every second of his dialogue cost?

If we go by the 125 crores he charged for Salaar divided by the 2 minutes 35 seconds of his total dialogues, every second of him speaking made him Rs 80,64,516 (80 lakhs, 64 thousand, 516 rupees). Isn’t that the most expensive speech any star could have?

Dear ‘serious’ trollers!

We know he also had a lot of action to do in the film as well and acting is not just about reciting lines. But, some things should be taken lightly and fun rather than finding logic in them. It’s also because if you ever get to speak with Prabhas, you should know how much he would bill you for speaking for even a few seconds. So, be ready with the checkbook!

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