Fahadh Faasil In Aavesham (Photo Credit - Instagram)
Fahadh Faasil In Aavesham (Photo Credit – Instagram)

Fahadh Faasil’s character Ranga from the movie Aavesham has sparked a viral sensation with the ‘Karinkaliyalle’ dance move, captivating social media and spreading from its Malayalam roots to nationwide fame. Amid the frenzy, the Mumbai Police cleverly jumped on the trend, sharing a modified version of the viral clip on their social media.

Their post included witty reminders urging people to prioritize safety while partaking in the Aavesham craze. This creative approach effectively highlighted the importance of public safety in an entertaining and engaging manner.

The Mumbai Police’s innovative adaptation of the viral reel garnered widespread acclaim from netizens, especially the Malayali community.



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The original song:

The original version of Ranga:

The film ‘Aavesham,’ which initiated this trend, had already achieved significant success during its theatrical release. Its popularity further escalated following its release on Prime Video just 28 days later. Additionally, international YouTube channels have started reviewing and commending the film, contributing to its growing global recognition.

‘Aavesham’ has reached an impressive worldwide box office total of 155 crore! The movie explores the lives of three college students—Bibi, Santhan, and Aju—as they face and overcome the challenges of bullying and ragging at their new college in Bangalore.

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