Did Rajinikanth Touch Yogi Adityanath's Feet? Discusses The Internet As One Says "No, He Just Dropped His Glasses"
Did Rajinikanth Touch Yogi Adityanath’s Feet? A Viral Video On The Internet Has Opened Up A Strange Discussion (Photo Credit: Twitter)

Superstar Rajinikanth is gorging on the success of his recently released film Jailer. But amidst all the box office numbers, a video of the actor has been going viral on the internet where he meets Yogi Adityanath, UP CM. The video has sparked a discussion on the internet that Rajini anna bows down to touch Yogi Adityanath’s feet.

After the video went viral, the internet had a lot of reactions and discussions around the same. A social media user posted the video, which started it all. The user asked, “Did he really touch Yogi Adityanath’s feet?” However his curiosity came padded with negativity which said, “Did he leave his self-respect in Tamil Nadu itself?”

As soon as the video clip, owned initially by ANI, and edited and shared by an X user, Mannu’s account went viral, people had a lot of opinions on the same. A user clarified, “No he just dropped his glasses. He just bent to pick it up. Believe it.” Another comment read, “Yogi Adityanath is Mahant and Head Priest of Gorakhnath math. Rajinikanth is actually following his tradition of Sanatan Dharma.” A third comment slammed, “Stop seeing everything from a political perspective.”

Another comment pointed out how the clip is edited and wrote, “Maybe he paid his respect in a religious way, don’t create too much hype about it and also you don’t see the full clip here, maybe Yogi Ji tried to stop him from doing that?” One more comment schooled, “Don’t measure yesterday’s legends with today’s yardstick.”

A user asked, “Was this necessary?” Another argument reads, “He’s also Peethadheesh. I don’t see any harm in someone touching his feet out of respect. Don’t we do it when a pandit comes home? Even if he’s younger we touch the feet out of respect. Where is self-respect coming in between?”

One praised Rajinikanth for doing so if he did, “What’s wrong in touching feet of a monk? He’s the mahant of gorakhnath peeth. Rajnikant sir knows the value and importance of blessings of a monk.”

Netizens did not find anything wrong in Rajinikanth bowing down to Yogi Adityanath and touching his feet, even if he did so. On the other hand, some pointed out that he may have dropped something and picked it up, seeming like he was touching UP CM’s feet. Others were just unfazed about any political connotations in the video, saying even if he did, touch the feet, it is his choice. While people also questioned the edited clip and argued that this is not the complete footage. What if Rajinikanth bowed down to touch the feet but Yogi Adityanath stopped him?

The Internet sure is a strange place, and today, this argument, which was unrequired according to many users, went viral on social media. Rajinikanth, nonetheless, is churning out moolahs at the box office with Jailer. Coming back to the video, what do you think about it? Let us know in the comments section below.

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