A Light-Hearted Dare Game Leads To Skeletons Tumbling Out Of The Closet In '1001 Nunakal'
A Light-Hearted Dare Game Leads To Skeletons Tumbling Out Of The Closet In ‘1001 Nunakal’ ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

The trailer of the upcoming Malayalam film ‘1001 Nunakal’, which was unveiled on Monday, promises a gripping narrative which slowly unravels as a social gathering for a wedding anniversary celebration takes an unusual turn, exposing dark secrets.

It tells the story of a couple, in the aftermath of an apartment fire, left with no place to go; they find solace in the kindness of their friend Vinay, as they seek refuge in his mansion in Dubai. During their stay, Vinay suggests that the couple stay over for one more night to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

Joined by other close friends, they come together to celebrate the hosts’ 10th wedding anniversary. However, the night takes an unforeseen twist as a light-hearted dare game evolves into a shocking reveal of hidden secrets, challenging the very core of their relationships and intertwining their lives with lies.

Commenting on the film, director Thamar K. V. said: “‘1001 Nunakal’ is an intimate exploration of friendships tested by secrets. It is a powerful reminder that appearances can be deceiving, and behind closed doors lie stories we cannot fathom. The movie unfolds with a series of revelations, heartaches, and unforeseen twists that will undoubtedly leave you yearning for more. I am thrilled to present the film to a wide audience.”

Produced by Salim Ahmed, ‘1001 Nunakal’ (Thousand and One Lies) is directed by Thamar K.V. and written by Thamar and Hashim Sulaiman. It stars Vishnu Agasthya,Remya Suresh, Shamla Hamza, Niiniin Kassim, Zhinz Shan, Noufal Rahman, Vidhya Vijaykumar, Sooraj K Nambiar, Rashmi K Nair, Sudeep Koshy, Sajin Ali, Sudheesh Scaria and Anusha Shyam.

The film will drop on August 18 on Sony LIV.

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