Hawkeye Review (Episode 1 & 2) Out!
Hawkeye Review (Episode 1 & 2) Ft. Jeremy Renner & Hailee Steinfeld ( Photo Credit – Hawkeye Poster )

Hawkeye Review (Episode 1 & 2):

Cast: Jeremy Renner, Hailee Steinfeld, Vera Farmiga, Tony Dalton, Fra Fee and ensemble.

Creator: Jonathan Igla.

Director: Bert, Bertie, and Rhys Thomas.

Streaming On: Disney+

Language: English (with subtitles)

Runtime: Around 50 minutes each episode.

Hawkeye Review (Episode 1 & 2) Out!
( Photo Credit – Episode Still )

Hawkeye Review (Episode 1 & 2): What’s It About:

The world has seen the Endgame and Thanos turning into dust, but the victory has come with a price. Certainly, for Hawkeye aka Clint Barton, the price was huge as he lost his best friend Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow. He lives a life of normalcy now with a slight hearing problem. Enters Kate Bishop who’s trajectory begins in 2012 when Avengers fought the intergalactic army, and during the same Kate lost her father. She sees Hawkeye and makes him her role model. But at present time she somehow gets her hands on Ronin’s costume and wears it.

Ronin’s enemies are activated and Bishop is on the hit list. Hawkeye is back to being the superhero and so begins the show.

Hawkeye Review (Episode 1 & 2): What Works:

One of the most un-glamorous Avengers Hawkeye, has forever been in the background. His plain face and less talking has never really brought him to the centre stage except when Black Widow made the sacrifice and we all cried. So setting him up for the small screen is not a huge task, he is subtle and not very much larger than life.

The writers shape the show in the Holiday period, which is rare in the MCU. What is also rare is the exploration of more humane sides of the Avengers who have been protecting Earth for decades. Clint out of all has never voiced his emotions and the first episode respects that. He has seen the Endgame up close, he lost the only best friend he had and that too for an infinity stone. His family was snatched away from him for 5 years, he became a vigilante in those years. So the man has a baggage and the creator makes sure it looks like. He is probably ageing faster, tries to control his spark and stays out of trouble.

His entry in the show isn’t larger than life, rather he is spending some low key time with his kids, and promises of being with them this Christmas. He is trying to overcome the melancholy of his life. But the world does not want him to stay normal, they keep reminding him he is the Hawkeye. Suddenly a vigilante appears on the news in Ronin’s suit, and Hawkeye has to return to work. If you don’t know who’s Ronin, you have already seen him, and he is also one of the Avengers.

Enters Kate Bishop aka Hailee Steinfeld! Now whoever of the numerous writers on board decided to shape up Bishop as a teenager from a coming of age drama, you probably won the show. Hailee’s ‘irritated with glamour’ and protective nature is all that highlights the show. She becomes the perfect contradiction to what Clint Barton is at this point.

The writing is clever when it comes to dialogues. Clint murmuring lines like “And I fought Thanos”, when a guy expresses a childish wish, or when Kate is super mean to her to be stepdad Jack Duquesne aka Tony Dalton, it all lands pretty well.

Hawkeye Review (Episode 1 & 2) Out!
( Photo Credit – Episode Still )

Hawkeye Review (Episode 1 & 2): Star Performance:

Jeremy Renner completely knows who Hawkeye is. There is no way he can go wrong in playing the most underrated Avenger. He has played with silences and made his presence felt in ensemble movies for years. Now when he gets the centre stage how can he not make you fall in love with his weirdly charismatic demeanour?

Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop is a revelation. I don’t even need any more episodes to trust and bet my money on her. The actor enters with a bang (literally) and shows why the casting agents chose her to take the mantle ahead. Also, she definitely has great comic timing.

Tony Dalton is the mystery here as he is more than what meets the eyes. The actor manages to raise alarm whenever he is on screen and I so want to see what he turns out to be.

Hawkeye Review (Episode 1 & 2): What Doesn’t Work:

Now hear me out, Hawkeye compared to all other shows and movies currently released or to release in phase 4 is the lightest. Even the pilot indicates that the makers are taking their time and are not really making it the magnificent larger than life opus. But will being light for an entire season work for the studio as a whole?

On top of that, the show is set in the Holiday period, which is already an added layer of happiness and optimism cancelling the tension that there is. It will exciting to see the makers balancing that. Yelena Belova and Maya Lopez are set to come in further episodes, so I am hooking my hopes.

Hawkeye Review (Episode 1 & 2) Out!
( Photo Credit – Episode Still )

Hawkeye Review (Episode 1 & 2): Last Words:

Marvel has started inclusion and explorations of sides that they less ventured into. See Hawkeye’s emotional catharsis as he walks around with the baggage of the past. Look into his deep emotional eyes everytime he is reminded of his beloved Natt. Watch the show and tell me if you agree.

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