Gunaah S1 Ep 1 Review: Surbhi Jyoti Might Be The Begum But Zayn Ibad Khan & Gashmeer Mahajani Are Setting An Interesting Baadshah Trap [With A Few Misses In 20 Minutes]!
Gunaah Season 1 Stars Surbhi Jyoti, Zayn Ibad Khan & Gashmeer Mahajani ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Gunaah Episode 01 Review: Star Rating:

Cast: Surbhi Jyoti, Gashmeer Mahajani, Zayn Ibad Khan

Creator: Ay Yapim (Creator Of Ezel)

Showrunner: Anirudh Pathak

Director: Anil Senior

Streaming On: Disney+Hotstar

Language: Hindi with English subtitles

Runtime: 2 episodes of 30 minutes each

Gunaah Episode 01 Review ( Photo Credit – YouTube )

Gunaah Episode 1 & 2 Review: What’s It About:

What’s a given in a revenge drama – there’s one who has been wronged, and there’s the other who has been wronged. Everything else – love, lies, lust, longing roams in between. The instigating point is a betrayal, and the end result is a climax; in between, there might be a lot of bloodshed, negotiations, and blurring of lines.

Gunaah’s first two episodes hint at all of the above without even settling down. Only the eye contact speaks volumes about the aftermath. This web series is ready to offer!

Gunaah Episode 1 & 2 Review: What Works:

Gunaah, in the settling down phase of the first two episodes, works in parts. There are two men who clearly dissect the past and the present. The intrigue does a good job of connecting the audience with the story. The transitions have been smooth so that you follow the opening episode to memorize all the important aspects before the story changes gear.

Gunaah Episode 01 Review ( Photo Credit – YouTube )

Gunaah Episode 1 & 2 Review: Star Performance:

While Surbhi Jyoti is the begum of this game, the two Baadshaahs, Gashmeer Mahajani, and Zayn Ibad Khan, seem to pull the attention. Pulling that attention from the former Naagin of the television is a tedious job to nail. So, the men deserve applause for holding the story and attention around them. It would be interesting to see how they manage to share this attention between the transitions.

Darshan Pandya’s grey shades will also steal attention in parts and his character arc might be the underdog in this web series created by Anirudh Pathak.

Gunaah Episode 1 & 2 Review: What Doesn’t Work:

It would be unfair to dissect a show and pinpoint its shortcomings with only 2 episodes of its entire work. So, while there are many misses despite the smooth transitions, we guess the show deserves a fair chance before we discuss what clearly isn’t working for this revenge thriller.

Gunaah Episode 01 Review
Gunaah Episode 01 Review ( Photo Credit – YouTube

Gunaah Episode 1 & 2 Review: Last Words:

The web series is based on a Turkish drama Ezel, and hopefully, it retains the essence of a good revenge drama cum thriller. While episode 1 established love and friendship, episode 2 quickly shifted gears from loyalty to betrayal in love and friendship. From here, the story takes off while we see the age-old plastic surgery helping Zayn Ibad Khan turn Gashmeer Mahajani to revenge a betrayal. Looking forward to the next episode!

2.5 stars!

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