Dhamaka Movie Review Rating:

Star Cast: Ravi Teja, Sreeleela, Sachin Khedekar, Jayaram, and ensemble.

Director: Trinadha Rao Nakkina.

( Photo Credit – Poster from Dhamaka )

What’s Good: I did not have to travel for watching this one on the big screen.

What’s Bad: Somebody saw mettle in a story so dated that they didn’t just invest money but brought in some very big names.

Loo Break: How about staying in there and watching reels on Instagram instead?

Watch or Not?: There’s no lenient way of saying this, you have better options.

Language: Telugu (with subtitles)

Available On: Netflix.

Runtime: 133 Minutes

User Rating:

Two men from different backgrounds Anand and Swamy look exactly the same. Life intervenes when the same girl falls for both of them because of course she is clueless. The mess is created and a serial killer/business tycoon is let loose. How Anand and Swamy save the day is the film.

( Photo Credit – Still from Dhamaka )

Dhamaka Movie Review: Script Analysis

Comedy of errors and mass action entertainers are the two most undefined genres where only experimenting and seeing how it works is the option. You don’t know what will make the audience laugh and what will make them whistle. But when some writer decides to mix crazy proportions of both without really sticking to the times he is making the film in and a whole entourage joins him to turn that script into a movie, everything stops making sense. The same happens with Ravi Teja Starrer Dhamaka which has now found home on Netflix.

There is nothing as such to analyse in this script or the lack of it. Written by Prasanna Kumar Bezawada with Trinadha Rao Nakkina, Dhamaka is a masterclass on how not to write a film in current times. It is a checklist of all the things needed in comedy of errors and an action entertainer but more to make a spoof out of it. Written in a confusing way to come out as a clever film, the movie falls flat on its face because nothing really lands. There are two individuals who look the same, and what are the wild chances that the same girl falls for both. And what is even weird is that she kind of keeps auditioning both of them only to realise they are the same person.

First of all how toxic is this woman and why is no one calling her out. Talking of calling out, there is a businessman/ a killer on the loose who enters posh offices and kills the ‘CEOs’ of the said office to take over their companies. Now, this could be true, but why is no one else in the world bothered about this? None of the people in this world think of calling the police and getting him arrested. Since we have mentioned the police, the father of the above-mentioned toxic woman brings an entire police force with black cat commandos to kill her lover because he is poor. Didn’t know you could hire the police force.

Also, why is this film so problematic where a man meets a girl who is for sure visibly decades younger than him, and refuses to save her from Eve teasers because she called him brother. And later doesn’t even ask her for her consent and plans an entire marriage with 2 children in the future. What level of a toxic pair this will become.

Dhamaka Movie Review: Star Performance

Ravi Teja probably gives the most immature performance of his career. His approach to this part is so dated, over the top and with no set tone that one doesn’t have to be critical to dislike him. His monotonous action where people fly even when he touches them with his finger is so overtly done that it begins to tire after a point.

Sreeleela gets the most bizarre part of her career and nothing about and around her makes any sense. So is everybody else because they are just tone paper-thin parts.

( Photo Credit – Still from Dhamaka )

Dhamaka Movie Review: Direction, Music

Trinadha Rao Nakkina as a filmmaker is so busy mixing genres in the most childish way that he adds twist after twist in the most tasteless broth.

There are just too many dance numbers at the most unexpected points and all look the same.

Dhamaka Movie Review: The Last Word

There is no way Dhamaka could be saved because it is just logicless at all the levels. Wish the money was invested in a better film.

Dhamaka Trailer

Dhamaka releases on 22nd January, 2023 on Netflix.

Share with us your experience of watching Dhamaka.

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