HIT: The 2nd Case Movie Review Rating:

Star Cast: Adivi Sesh, Meenakshi Chaudhary, Rao Ramesh, Krishna Murali Posani, Nani & ensemble.

Director: Sailesh Kolanu

HIT: The 2nd Case Movie Review
HIT: The 2nd Case Movie Review Out(Pic Credit: Youtube)

What’s Good: it’s an improved investigative thriller than the first one. A lot crisper and fuss-free.

What’s Bad: The criminal gets too less time to unravel himself and for us to invest in him to feel anything about him.

Loo Break: If you cannot sit through goriness, the last 15 minutes are not made for you. Rest, you will know when to while the film does get predictable.

Watch or Not?: It is a decent whodunit that promises that it will improve itself every time we get into a new case, which is hope.

Language: Telugu (available in Hindi too).

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Runtime: 118 Minutes.

User Rating:

Getting on to the second case, the Homicide Intervention Team is now under new leadership. Enters Krishna Dev aka KD (Adivi). With a new officer rises a new serial killer who does some insane murders and KD is supposed to solve the mystery.

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HIT: The 2nd Case Movie Review: Script Analysis

Sailesh Kolanu is building an entire universe out of his gory HIT franchise. His modus operandi is assigning a new leader to every operation with each installment. This kind of keeps the franchise going and gives every separate film a life of its own rather than depending on its predecessors. A good move indeed. Case 2 brings Adivi Sesh inside the universe as a product looks like it has improved itself and tried to rectify the mistake Case 1 did.

Written by Kolanu himself, Case 2 is not emphasised on changing the structure of how the story is told. It is the same where a glimpse of the tragedy is already shown to you in the opening sequence and then taken to a land far away where at first it looks like the first sequence won’t be connected at all. But, hello! The best part about the sequel is that it manages to be crisper and not deviate into branches and subplots without any reason. It stays on one path and is dedicated to telling that one story unlike the first.

Even the twists get better and the way the investigation unfolds is also interesting. Now how much of it is authentic or not is not my forte, but it all brought me to the edge of my seat and kept me invested throughout is an achievement and that matters. I am yet to learn the art of talking about suspense dramas without giving spoilers. In a way Kolanu also knows his audience by now and what they want. So he attempts in marrying the commercial elements with his style of filmmaking and that also works to an extent.

Where the film dips are in giving the antagonist, the attention he deserves. He is a serial killer with a tragic story and a mental disorder. Just 10 minutes of him that too in the final confrontation ends up making him look like just another character as opposed to the main villain. Adding to that the blueprint of the movie doesn’t change at all. In this case, it somewhat becomes like a reflection and that does bother me. An office with a loved one at risk and a criminal who targets his family. It is the same angle in both films. Also, the scale of brutality goes a notch higher. I am interested in seeing how the audience reacts t ok that.

HIT: The 2nd Case Movie Review: Star Performance

Adivi Sesh has a charm that kind of does half the job to make him very screen friendly immediately. His screen presence is so influential that you have to see him when he is in the frame. Add to that he is also a good actor and knows his job well. So he fits the part pretty well. However, he doesn’t get a past baggage to have the emotional tug of war like the Vishwak Sen’s Vikram. There is a mention but that is just a blink-and-miss thing.

Meenakshii Chaudhary gets to be the damsel in distress with no heavy lifting in her kitty. Rest every do a fair job.

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HIT: The 2nd Case Movie Review: Direction, Music

Sailesh Kolanu’s direction is quite good. He doesn’t rely a whole lot on his cast but creates an atmosphere that compliments their performance. But he kind of gets in a hurry to wrap up things every time he reaches the climax of his films. HIT Case 1 also suffered that and so does Case 2 which results in the villain having no substantial impact on the viewer.

The camera work is staple and doesn’t experiment much, and so does the music.

HIT: The 2nd Case Movie Review: The Last Word

HIT: The 2nd Case is certainly an improved product but with its own vices. A universe is in the making and if they promise to keep improving, it will only reach new heights.

HIT: The 2nd Case Trailer

HIT: The 2nd Case releases on 02 December 2022.

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