Yashoda Movie Review Rating:

Star Cast: Samantha, Unni Mukundan, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, Murali Sharma & ensemble.

Director: Hari & Haresh

Yashoda Movie Review
Yashoda Movie Review Out ( Photo Credit – Yashoda Poster)

What’s Good: Samantha with the filmmakers makes you believe this is a silly story only to shock you more with a big reveal. Also, the movie is not made to worship her stardom but it is on her to prove her mettle.

What’s Bad: The silliness in creating the villains and their storylines that are out-and-out caricatures of funny bad men we have seen.

Loo Break: When the big villain tells her story, you can ask the person next to you because it is that silly.

Watch or Not?: If you are a Samatha fan, go ahead because she is displaying her strength quite literally. But yeah, there is no compulsion for the big screen for this one.

Language: Telugu (with subtitles)

Available on: In Theatres Near You!

Runtime: 134 Minutes

User Rating:

A young woman named Yashoda (Samantha) agrees to undergo surrogacy because she needs money to fund her sister’s surgery. When she enters the center it is all pristine and immaculate only to realise that the truth is very dark and spread across like a demon.

Yashoda Movie Review
( Photo Credit – A Still From Yashoda )

Yashoda Movie Review: Script Analysis

Samantha at this point has a pan-India appeal and it is not just based on the star power she brings to the table but also the acting calibre she possesses. The lady has in the past couple of years proved she can do carried roles regardless of the spectrum they fall and even can change the course of the most objectifying troops of dance number to put forth her point. So when Hari & Haresh brought her on board they realised what mix of an actor they are joining hands with.

Yashoda written by Hari & Haresh makes sure that it presents itself as an absurd story not taking itself seriously enough to make it a serious watch. Like it starts with a very half-baked plot where a woman is getting into an unconventional situation to earn fast money for her sister’s treatment. Now, this could be just any other silly movie, and the audience can just switch it off if the remote is with them. But it releases in theatre and the filmmakers use the opportunity to build a tale so vanilla that the darkness of it will hit you harder. A good experiment must say, though doesn’t land entirely smoothly.

The best part about Yashoda is that the film isn’t shaped around Samantha or worshipping her power as a star. Rather she takes a back seat more than once and even confuses us with her shades. It gives the actor within the star to breathe and take over the screen. When she is vulnerable, or flirting, or scared, or revealing a big truth, she focuses on making the most of that very moment and the script enables her to do that.

While it is all good a concept to make a film about, the absurdity strikes the most in the way the antagonists are created. Caricatures, paper thing and so hilarious in ways that you will laugh at their story rather than be hooked. Of course it is unimaginable but the makers don’t even take any to make it look like one. The police is just running from one end to other, a woman is the baddie with 200 staple traits of a wrongly dressed boss lady of bad women, a suspense/twist you already saw from a distance, so it all dilutes the whole experience.

Yashoda Movie Review: Star Performance

Samantha can never get the assignment wrong. She enters and aces each frame she is in with her beauty. Be it action, emotion or drama she knows it all and does it well. The actor has taken a lot of effort and it shows in the sequences where she has to do multiple things together.

Unni Mukundan till an extent compliments Samantha with his acting but soon joins the list of the caricatures that the rest of the actors on the list become.

Yashoda Movie Review
( Photo Credit – A Still From Yashoda )

Yashoda Movie Review: Direction, Music

Hari & Haresh’s direction is quite confusing. Because while they put so much thought into placing Samantha in this universe, the rest just looks one tone world with no substance. So it is like cancelling one good thing with bad and it bothers a lot. For example, the police is investigating a crime scene and they don’t use gloves. Where is attention to detail?

The music does nothing to add to the entire experience and is staple. The camera work begins quite nicely as it captures the alleys in a crowded area but gets repetitive inside the facility.

Yashoda Movie Review: The Last Word

Yashoda is a Samantha show and that doesn’t mean the rest shouldn’t make sense.

Yashoda Trailer

Yashoda releases on 11 November, 2022.

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