God Father Movie Review Rating:

Star Cast: Chiranjeevi, Nayanthara, Satyadev Kancharana, Salman Khan & ensemble.

Director: Mohan Raja

Godfather Movie Review
Godfather Movie Review Ft. Chiranjeevi ( Photo Credit – A Still From God Father )

What’s Good: You have to be a Chiranjeevi fan to find the good in here because it is an almost 3-hour fan service worshipping the life of a megastar with some reasonable twists.

What’s Bad: The generic approach where leaves fly when a phenomenon of a star walks on the ground is now done to death and even the dried leaves are bored of it.

Loo Break: As said it is fan service and if you have bought a ticket you are one, so this isn’t a question you will ask.

Watch or Not?: Not with a lot of expectations but a whole lot of old-day Telugu cinema commercial masala.

Language: Telugu (with subtitles).

Available on: In Theatres Near You.

Runtime: 156 Minutes.

User Rating:

A very influential politician, a CM of an unnamed state is dead. Looms the question of who will now take over and the contenders play their cards. But Brahma (Chiranjeevi) knows who is real and who is greedy. How will he tackle things and make the right one win?

God Father Movie Review
( Photo Credit – A Still From God Father )

Godfather Movie Review: Script Analysis

The commercial Telugu cinema is a celebration of the star power that some iconic names possess and the ritualistic worshiping of it with every frame. Nothing wrong with that, it’s a cinema culture for a landscape that watches films backed by their loved names religiously. But does it mean the audience that watches those movies without being fans is fed the same material zillion times without adding some more substance?

Written by Mohan Raju with Lakshmi Bhupala and Murali Gopy, Godfather is shaped in a way that it celebrates one of South cinema’s biggest megastar, one that has defined the industry in his blooming days, Chiranjeevi. The screenplay begins by making it clear that he is a man not even the FBI can think of messing with. So when he enters the frame with his crisp ironed white kurta, some costly sunglasses, and flamboyance worth a million, you know this is the man who is supposed to win and if you know the track record, he definitely will.

Now the challenge for the makers is to create a story that does not just justify the victory of their already revered protagonist, but also one that is entertaining and worth the whistles that a ticket buyer is planning to blow. In Godfather, the makers do try to include politics of the land, people double-crossing each other, and even more to make it all so complex that the God they have created has to be on his toes to solve it. But all of it even with the biggest of the names ends up looking like a blueprint we have already seen.

Now, I don’t mean that this is an atrocious film that doesn’t deserve to be seen. I would have been flattered if I was a Chiranjeevi fan, because with every frame he is in, the celebration keeps getting louder. But all of this is not new. The man has been in the business for a lifetime and filmmakers have already worshipped him in similar ways enough. So the problem is with the staple routes. And also the idea of making all other actors underplay themselves.

One might think of finding redemption in the action. But when you know Chiranjeevi will come out of combat without even a scratch after beating some 50 men, it is just the wait for when will it end as the movie progresses. Yes, never in the more than 3 fighting sequence does the star gets even one little scratch. Not even a crease on his kurta.

Godfather Movie Review: Star Performance

Chiranjeevi by now knows he doesn’t have to do much to make people love him. They already do and now it is just about the nostalgia factor that he needs to rely upon. To create the gangster he is, the megastar keeps things subtle and lets his action speak. That works too because you at least don’t know what his next move is.

Nayanthara as Satya does as much as the script allows her to. While there is a beautiful trajectory she shares with the megastar, she is kept limited to just that without really letting her vent out her anger or any other emotion.

Satyadev Kancharana plays the villain with all the conviction and makes you hate him. And there is Salman Khan too doing the most Salman Khan he can. He enters a house full of loaded guns wearing a bulletproof jacket this time and I want to give credit to the man who suggested this amazing detail. Also, he has a bike that launches mini missiles? I saw an early morning show in an almost empty theatre, I had too much silence around to observe minute things.

God Father Movie Review
( Photo Credit – A Still From God Father )

Godfather Movie Review: Direction, Music

Mohan Raju is a Chiranjeevi fan and there is no doubt about that. He directs scenes in a way that every twist leads to him and makes way for a slow-motion shot, or a close-up of his glares. But he also goes overboard with the slow motion and that just adds a lot more minutes to the already long runtime.

Thaman S’ music is again a staple and it’s been a long I witnessed his real magic now. We need it soon.

Godfather Movie Review: The Last Word

Godfather is an almost three-hour-long Chiranjeevi show where gravity is to be forgotten and bullets make men fly. We have bought it for years, but there must be something new with it to take the culture ahead.

Godfather Trailer

God Father releases on 05 October, 2022.

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