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Ms. Marvel Episode 6 Review Ft. Imam Vellani ( Photo Credit – Facebook )

Ms. Marvel Episode 6 Review: Star Rating:

Cast: Imam Vellani, Matt Lintz, Mohan Kapur, Rish Shah, Zenobia Shroff, Nimra Bucha, Farhan Akhtar, Fawad Khan, Brie Larson, and ensemble.

Creator: Bisha K. Ali.

Director: Adil & Bilall

Streaming On: Disney+ Hotstar.

Language: English (with subtitles).

Runtime: 47 Minutes.

( Photo Credit – Still from Ms. Marvel Episode 6 )

Ms. Marvel Episode 6 Review: What’s It About:

So Najma sacrificed herself to close the gate but also ended up giving some deadly powers to her son Kamran. Kamala now comes back to New Jersey where the Damage Control is now hunting Kamran. How will Kamala save him, explain her identity and come to terms with a new life that she has to live now while staying with a family that is supportive but still conservative.

Ms. Marvel Episode 6 Review: What Works:

As a show, Ms. Marvel is the most unique product Marvel has ever created in its series run. Moon Knight comes a close second. The plot here is not about saving the entire world, but it is about coming to terms with one’s own identity. Like Superheroes also have a family that does worry about them. Marvel for a very long time lacked that. What it also lacked is the authentic Asian representation that Shang-Chi brought and Bisha K Ali took it to levels higher with Imam Vellani starrer.

Episode 6 is kind of the meeting point of everything we have seen in the first 5 episodes. Kamala Khan tells her family out and loud that she is the superhero Jersey is talking about, they accept it and her mom gives her the Ms. Marvel costume but with a touch of her roots. Such a beautiful conclusion. Family has been of utmost importance in this world and it is only heartwarming to see the acceptance. In a funny scene while Kamala is out to save Kamran her mom sends Aamir to look after her. Asian mothers and their need to constantly have a surveillance over their kids. You aren’t saved even if you are a superhero.

So Kamala is now a complete superhero. With her past informed and present decoded, she isn’t confused about who she is anymore. The real conflict is to save Kamran, the more inner conflict is to make him realise he isn’t supposed to avenge his mother because that isn’t why she gave him powers by ending her life. And over all this is the Damage Control. A three-way war breaks free and that becomes the highlight of the episode. Kamala finally says “Embiggen” and comic fans are obsessing that moment and what follows.

Also, can we take a moment to appreciate how impressively the makers have redesigned Kamala’s power. They look beautiful. And with that WELCOME THE FIRST MUTANT OF THE MCU! You will know. The end credits is insane and if you decode it completely, get in touch with me please.

( Photo Credit – Still from Ms. Marvel Episode 6 )

Ms. Marvel Episode 6 Review: Star Performance:

Imam Vellani transforms into a more confident teenager who now knows who she is. You can see that confidence of hers in every move and the actor has definitely proved why she was chosen.

Matt Lintz has my heart and he can keep it till we meet him next in the MCU. Rest everyone does their best to make it worth.

Ms. Marvel Episode 6 Review: What Doesn’t Work:

If there is anyone at fault, it is Marvel’s policy to only limit their shows to 6 episodes. There was enough in Ms. Marvel to at least go on for two more episodes. Like the veil is still unexplained, the Noor dimension is not completely known. The Clandestine gang just perished without much efforts and the big sacrifice almost looked like it was inconsequential.

Even the episode 6. The conflict with Nakia is solved just by the way, Zoe just appears out of no where after being missing for almost the entire show, Kamran and Kamala’s iconic confrontation is overpowered by too many things stuffed and the Damage Control’s villain impact is lost. Kevin, if you reading this, please get over the 6 episode bracket and let the creators have their time.

Ms. Marvel Episode 6 Review: Last Words:

Ms. Marvel is an important show for the real world even when the set up is fantasy. There is representation like never before and fun like we deserve. Binge in because with its flaws, this one is totally worthwhile.


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