Moon Knight Finale (Episode 6) Review Out!
Moon Knight Finale (Episode 6) Review Ft. Oscar Isaac & Ethan Hawke ( Photo Credit – Episode Still )

Moon Knight Finale (Episode 6) Review:

Cast: Oscar Isaac, Ethan Hawke, May Calamawy & ensemble.

Creator: Jeremy Slater.

Director: Mohamed Diab

Streaming On: Disney+ Hotstar.

Language: English (With Subtitles).

Runtime: 42 Minutes.

Moon Knight Finale (Episode 6) Review Out!
( Photo Credit – Episode Still )

Moon Knight Finale (Episode 6) Review: What’s It About:

It’s the finale, Steven is gone, Marc has reached the fields Of Reeds and Layla is left alone in Egypt to save the day. Khonshu should be free because Ammit is on the verge of waking as Harrow now has found her ushabti by killing Marc/Steven. This all and more is explored in one of the most amazing finales in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Moon Knight Finale (Episode 6) Review: What Works:

Mohamed Diab since he took over Moon Knight, promised his audience that he will make a show that does justice to not just his culture but the realms of the superheroes. And I am supremely happy to report that the filmmaker has managed to give us a superhero story that is not just another superhero story, but about a man who has flaws and powers both, while he is busy making sense of it all.

Moon Knight was shaped like a show about a man who is a prisoner of his own mind. He doesn’t know what takes over and what happens when he blacks out. Mohamed Diab, Jeremy Slater and their able team of writers created this show more than an assassin story with powers and beautiful magic. It is a character study of a man who is learning to come to terms with his alter ego and the fact that he serves as an avatar to an Egyptian God Khonshu in a very brutal way.

Are you confused why I am repeating myself after having written these things in over 5 episode reviews? Well, the episode 6 is what I call the best conclusion in the MCU. It is the place where all our confused weeks come to frutation. Marc and Steven finally except each other and realise none is capable of defeating the enemies without the other. What were so far conversations through reflections and fights to have a body, are now two souls fighting together exchanging the body like they have always done it friendly. It is such a beautiful gift for having seen the 5 episodes where were brains were told to function at their best.

The writing also acknowledges our love for May Calamawy’s Layla. While I was always sure she has a lot more for her and that she will be a part of the superhero canon in a way, but didn’t imagine it will be this massive. May becomes an avatar (not for Khonshu) and gets the most bada** suit any female superhero in the MCU has got in the recent times. Diab and team even give her pain a conclusion. You will see.

Moon Knight has served a fulfilling climax in lots of ways. Be it the action that only becomes better or the gods fighting with each other and it all looking organic, the acknowledgement to a mental disorder and how world looks with it. There is even a nod to the fact that Egypt has an authentic portrayal and that a superhero born out of its roots will wear the culture in their suit with all its glory. You will see that in Layla’s costume.

All in all I am in love and I hope the makers use this brilliantly developed character in a beautiful way in the future. Of course things don’t end for the show, and a big surprise awaits you.

Moon Knight Finale (Episode 6) Review Out!
( Photo Credit – Episode Still )

Moon Knight Finale (Episode 6) Review: Star Performance:

Oscar Isaac had such a tough job. Imagine you start out as one man with two personalities in him, to becoming a superhero while fighting with the other personality. To him playing a double role and acting the two personalities in different bodies and now they even have their separate superhero characteristics. The man has done that successfully and I don’t need to tell you how prolific an actor he is after this.

The biggest question on the announcement day was, will I ever be afraid of Ethan Hawke if he plays the bad man? Well, the answer is yes. The actor wears shoes with glass pieces filled. He dreams of resurrecting an evil goddess. There is a certain stillness and chaos in the way Hawke approaches Arthur Harrow and it is terrifyingly beautiful.

May Calamawy has shouldered Moon Knight as much as Oscar and Ethan have. The actor definitely knows her job and does that so skilfully that when she enters as a superhero you already know she was born to do this.

Moon Knight Finale (Episode 6) Review: What’s Doesn’t Work:

How amazing it feels to say that there is nothing that doesn’t work here.

Moon Knight Finale (Episode 6) Review: Last Words:

Moon Knight is the proper outcome of ambition, dreams, gest for representation and the love for the world of superheroes. A new hero has risen and he isn’t just any other hero.

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