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Hawkeye Review (Episode 6) Ft. Jeremy Renner, Hailee Steinfeld, Florence Pugh & Alaqua Cox(Pic Credit: Youtube/Marvel Entertainment)

Hawkeye Review (Episode 5) Review Rating:

Cast: Jeremy Renner, Hailee Steinfeld, Vera Farmiga, Tony Dalton, Fra Fee, Alaqua Cox, Florence Pugh and ensemble.

Creator: Jonathan Igla.

Director: Bert & Bertie.

Streaming On: Disney+

Language: English (with subtitles)

Runtime: around 50 minutes each episode.

(Pic Credit: Youtube/Marvel Entertainment)

Hawkeye Review (Episode 6) Review: What’s It About:

It’s the final showdown. The tension is at its peak as there aren’t just two sides fighting against each other, but an entire ensemble that is placed like a game of chess making it difficult to guess who kills whom. Hawkeye is still not home and it’s already Christmas, Kate Bishop knows a bit too much about the bad guys and well Kingpin has entered the mix, fire is expected. Be aware, Yelena is lurking somewhere around too.

Hawkeye Review (Episode 6) Review: What Works:

If you have not seen the first 5 episodes, I would suggest head back. Save this page and read later, but watch first. Marvel’s experimental mini-series Hawkeye was planned to dive deep into the emotional catharsis of Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner), who is still not out of the Endgame trauma and mourning his friend Natasha Romanoff’s death. It was also shaped up to introduce Kate Bishop played by Hailee Steinfeld. Yelena Belova aka Florence Pugh was to get her redemption. And if all of that seemed less, Echo aka Maya aka Alaqua Cox rose to power to avenge her father’s murder.

All of the above mentioned things in only 6 episodes. Marvel had never even tried to venture into the holiday mood and here they set the entire show in the period. As I said in my earlier reviews, the vibe is optimistic. There is never a moment where you feel everything’s gone out of hand. Even when Kingpin enters. Because Kate and Clint never lose hope. The writing in Hawkeye is far away from the staple Marvel shows so far. More than the outer conflict, the focus is on the inner catharsis of its characters.

A grieving ageing superhero, a deaf self-taught girl, another who has looked upto the superhero as her idol, and an assassin who is avenging the death of her sister. These are characters strong enough to look into them, rather than around. And now when I have witnessed the finale, everything in the first five episodes makes sense to me (except episode 4 that I didn’t like). All this while the camera was always zoomed into Kate and Clint and a very few times set on a wide fame. The idea was always to develop a new partnership between the two and because Hawkeye is technically alone now.

The finale of the Jeremy Renner starrer is designed in a way that it gives all the characters their conclusion. The idea is to give them a closure. Of course there is a cliff-hanger and a major one, but you want the answer immediately. There is enough for everyone. From the lovers of drama to the suckers for action. When Kate and Clint unite, they can take the biggest pack down and they do.

The writing manages to acknowledge and in words the things that have been unsaid so far. While Hawkeye has found a ‘partner’, he confesses his love and you are definitely going to shed a tear or two.

(Pic Credit: Youtube/Marvel Entertainment)

Hawkeye Review (Episode 6) Review: Star Performance:

Everyone from the team understands this is the final showdown. They all bring their ‘A’ game on make sure their live up to the expectation. Alaqua Cox gets to show a transition and is the most expressive this time around. There’s a lot she has in her plate going ahead and she has surely doubled the anticipation.

And the man of the hour, Vincent makes a smashing entry to the MCU. He is more robust and powerful this time around. While the show adds the cliff hanger on his and Maya’s part, we are hooked to see what’s next.

Hawkeye Review (Episode 6) Review: What Doesn’t Work:

Not everyone gets the equal limelight in the finale. While Kate, Clint and Yelena get their redemptions in a more detailed manner, Echo doesn’t get the same attention. This majorly could also be because she is getting an entire show to her name. But still expected a bit more of her in the finale.

The pace has been a major issue since the beginning and it still is.

Hawkeye Review (Episode 6) Review: What Doesn’t Work:

Hawkeye has turned out to be a successful experiment at Marvel and they should flourish and make more of these. Go in and celebrate you Holidays.

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