Moon Knight Episode 4 Review Out
Moon Knight Episode 4 Review Ft. Oscar Isaac & Ethan Hawke(Pic Credit: Youtube/Screen Culture)

Moon Knight Episode 4: Star Rating:

Cast: Oscar Isaac, Ethan Hawke, May Calamawy, and ensemble.

Creator: Jeremy Slater

Director: Justin Benson & Aaron Moorhead

Streaming On: Disney+ Hotstar.

Language: English (with subtitles).

Runtime: 51 Minutes

(Pic Credit: Youtube/Screen Culture)

Moon Knight Episode 4: What’s It About:

So we are in Egypt now, I mean Marc/Steven, Layla, Arthur Harrow and his cult everyone. Khonshu took the drastic step and the gods turned him into stone. Now it’s just Marc/Steven without the Moon Knight suit, who have to find Ammit’s tomb before Harrow and stop him from bringing her back. Do they succeed? Is Episode 4.

Moon Knight Episode 4: What Works:

So far the biggest cover that was on the people around and Marc/Steven himself was the Moon Knight suit. Khonshu’s magical guard that could not just protect but heal Marc’s most severe wounds. In episode 3 when Khonshu was punished and turned into stone, it all meant the biggest cover was eradicated and Steven/Marc, and Layla had to save the world on their own. And Marc doesn’t even have the power to heal if wounded.

Directed by Justin Benson & Aaron Moorhead, and written by Alex Meenehan, Peter Cameron & Sabir Pirzada, Episode 4 of the successful series explores the absence of super power beautifully. It is no longer about summoning the almighty when in need, but believing on their own self and chalking out a path while battling their vulnerabilities. Steven might be a scholar, but isn’t brave enough to fight an unearthly species. Marc may be brave but isn’t quite clever to crack Egyptian riddles. The makers take this mixture and blend them so well that the line between Marc and Steven is almost blurred. While we know them as two distinct individuals, we also believe they are one and we aren’t even confused.

Episode 4 acknowledges the presence of every element other than the magic in this fantasy drama. The complexities of the central love story. The fact that Steven/Marc is the same man and Layla was married to the braver alter ego. Even she has a lot of heavy lifting to do this time. Now that Steven has the body, she turns out to be the saviour and the ball for a major runtime is in her court. She has a lot at stake, her marriage, the man she loves, her home and the mystery behind the killer of her father. Everything is explored and I am loving how Marvel is trying to go deeper in emotions and not limit it to a plot point.

MCU is finally getting into horror and I am not spoiling that for you.

Moon Knight Episode 4: Star Performance:

I am out of words to describe how talented and good this ensemble is. Watch episode 4 for Layla, she is the winner here.

(Pic Credit: Youtube/Screen Culture)

Moon Knight Episode 4: What Doesn’t Work:

Can’t think of anything. I hope the climax of this episode makes way for something very substantial.

Moon Knight Episode 4: What Doesn’t Work:

If you still aren’t convinced to watch Moon Knight, I don’t know what material you are made of. Go ahead and treat yourself with an unconventional Marvel show.


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